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Some universities have their lecture notes online.. I assume everyone is allowed to use them even if they don't go to that university am I right?

Also you can find some schools past exam papers.. I assume we are allowed to use them too.. am I right?


  • look i go to one uni and my bro goes to another and we share resources, as long as you reference accurately i DONT see any problem........sharing is caring ;)
  • ya habibti ya kerestina.. you often answer my posts which I appreciate but since you go to university I do not want you to fail like I did in my other university... (but now im doing a course I like better than the other one) partially maybe because I spent too much time on tasbeha.. a bit of time is okay..
    some people succeed anyway. University is hard atleast for me.

    God bless you!
  • Just a thought.. Would anyone be interested in having a section on Tasbeha for all the uni students to post their lecture notes etc? It might help out people who havent done subjects that others have done, and it would be interesting to get a different University's way of teaching on things..

    Personally, i've done 3 years of my Law and International Relations degrees and i would be more than happy to start the ball rolling by posting the lecture slides from my various subjects..

    If other uni students at Tasbeha are interested do respond because maybe we can then start something that will especially help other people at Tasbeha who havent started University yet..

    Rabana maak,

  • that sounds like a good idea matt i personally would love to help from my field;mecahnical engineering  :)
  • hey mike,
    lol ur a funni dude............i believe ppl often succeed when they are studying or working in an area which interests them and THUS u wud be motivated more in regards to study and wake up early every morning becoz u love or are interested in what you do.....i think ull do jus fine mike........ur a gifted guy

    in regards to matt's suggestion...i think it be really cool but wud it fit in with the tasbeha guidelines

    God bless and take care
  • hmmmm i think the idea is great but what about copyright laws? im sure you would need to check whether or not they fit within those

  • well if all documents are referenced then whats the problem???
  • Yeah, there wouldnt be a problem with copyright laws etc..

    Anyway, this is relatively a small website.. It's not like we are going to be targeted or whatever so there really isnt a problem there..

    I'll PM Iqbal now to see if he thinks the idea to have a new section for lecture notes is good and he'll create the links needed for it.

    Ma salaama,

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