Keep money?

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If you work in a shop and someone gave you more money than needed for a product and you did not give them the correct change but gave them less.. and the person left the shop quickly .. what do you do with the money? should you keep it? would it be stealing? should you put it in the bin? but then someone else will take it..
you could put it somewhere incase the person comes back.. but that might never happen.


  • i think u should ask ur foc
  • If you're honest enough with yourself..keep it for a while incase the person comes back..if he didn't(even if it was like a cent of something) never take it..give it as a donation to the church..

  • How does keeping it in the till sound, or tell your manager. Sound like an honest thing to do! But I haven't thoughtit out enough.

    He/She may laugh at you and tell you keep it or take it for themselves (I've seen it happen in other situations).

    If you're really not sure then as abkarino22 said: Ask your FOC!
  • i agree with sandrahanna, you should wait a couple of days and see if the pereson comes back, and give it to him/her
    if i find money in the church, i put it in as a donation, and not keep it myself,  think that is whgat you should do

    hope i helped, pray for me

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