The Holy Trinity

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God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit. Why did Jesus say that you can be forgiven if you blaspheme against Him but not be forgiven if you blaspheme against the Holy Spirit? Does the Holy Spirit outrank Jesus? I've always seen the Trinity as 3 equal parts but I was wondering why this is. Thanks


  • All three are surely equal but there is a difference when you blaspheme against the spirit. My priest told us this in a sermon. they only way you can blaspheme against the spirit is by not repenting or by switching faiths. and when ever you sin or whatever you do or say against God will be forgiven if you REPENT but if not than it is blasphemy against the Holy Spirit. because when you don't repent it is as if you put the fire out of the Holy Spirit inside you little by little until it finally burns out when you die.(without repenting). so i guess thats what Jesus meant by that. again this is from a sermon my priest gave on this subject
  • wow

    i didnt know that
  • i dont understand wat u mean ???
  • what is it that you don't understand so that i can expand on what i said if i can
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