Death Tell me what everyone thinks about it

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Hey i was just wondering what everyone thinks of death....I know we are coptic but should we look at death as the same way that non-coptic look at it


  • Well in my opinion death is just a departion, you depart from a place to a better place that has no sadness, if you think about it, why should we be scared from death????? we don't have anything on earth that is worthy to get upset to leave, if we leave the earth with good deads, we will go and stay forever with God, we will stay in the place that has no sorrow or pain or sin or sadness or any of this grief,

  • I agree, death is something we can look forward too , (if we've achieved that level of spirituality) but in the meantime living our lives as best we can for our Lord and "charging up" our spirituality for heaven.
  • Boss ya sedi/sety

    Death to me ( in my opinion), is Raha abadeya ( a forever rest) from all the earthly waga3 demag ( desiers and troubles), and it depends on how you lived your life...... If you lived it Fearing god and obeying him and followed his commedments then NO WORRIES, the rest you are going to get from this world is a happy rest! but if you lived your life on the edge and enjoying the earthly gifts and fall easily in temptation then death is something you should NOT look forward too....... However, we are all going to die at the end, and just like we started from dust we are going to end as dust!

    Also, when abona talk about heaven he alawys says "you don't have to worry about your flesh needs, because all what is going to be in heaven is tasabeah (hymns) to our lord and savior! and incense". He also says "Just like you came in this world naked and not having a thing, you are going to get out of this world naked with out having a thing"

    Like one time, my college professor was talking about Pepsi and Chocolate, and she said " When I die, I have planed to have Pepsi and Chocholate put in my coffine"

    ??? ? yeah! me too!

    However, Losing someone Special.......... is A BIG HUGE SORROW! ( I don't want to say "you" Because God frobide anything bad happens to the people you love, i will use "ME") I have lost my khalo in august of this year and untill now, i can NOT get over the grief and the fire that is tearing me apart! I can NOT face the fact that the person I truley love and looked up to and cared about and and and and......... ( I can write you a whole book, about how much my khalo means to me) I won't see him anymore or talk to him! However, I believe he is in a better condition up there than he was on earth!

    please pray for me,
  • Hello,
    I think ideally, we should think about monks and how they view death. They just see it as a gateway to get to God whom they desired the most. They wait for it everyday. And look forward to it. They even say to themselves, today is the last day for me on this earth, sin no more lest you are judged today.

    Yes, we can not live like them thinking about death every second... But for the most part, lets think about it as something good (at least I do). All of the stories I heard about the saints that departed and came back to life, they said that its so easy how the spirit leaves the body, but its very difficult when it comes back. Its like taking a glove out of your hand so is your spirit out of your body. Then what do you see after we die? Christ, opening his arms smiling at you, and you are running/flying towards Him with angels... (just typing this and imaging it put a smile on my face)... I know I look forward to death to see Christ, Virgin Mary, Anba Bola, all of the saints, martyrs, Thrown of God, etc...

    I agree with you about loosing a relative. I lost an abouna who was a relative and a father of confession. Everyone was crying (and me too), but really deep inside me, I was VERY VERY happy for him, and I wished I was in his place. Think about it this way, you can talk to khalo any time, any where, without going to visit him, or giving him a call, and he will answer you through may ways, just listen and be watchfull!!

    Pray for me.
  • I can't wait to pass away. Im looking forward to it even.

    Its exciting. Like waiting to get your exam results. I hope i make it into heaven, and God sees the funny side of the life He gave me.
  • Me too. There's so much curiosity inside me about what it's like after death. EVERYONE, WE'LL MEET ON THE RIGHT HAND SIDE OF THE GATES !
  • You're actually arranging where to meet in heaven?

    Man, i want a corner all to myself. I understand that heaven isnt just for me, but i was hoping to get my own place - u know?? Can u imagine spending the rest of your life listening to my jokes?? wouldnt u want your own place too?
  • so who do you think we will see first at that moment when we know we're dead? our guardian angel? Christ? Virgin Mary? our intercessor? satan? or all at once?
  • hahaha...uhmmm i dont look foreward to death, at this point, im not ready AT ALL, if (god forbid) i left right now, i know i wouldnt go up. i keep putting "change your ways" at the end of my to do list, im not getting around to doing death scares me, i wish we knew when our time was, its difficult to be prepared at all times. YOU GET A PLACE IN HEAVEN!?!?! Oh my! isnt it just worshiping God an ect? i doubt youre gonna tell jokes in heaven, LOL!! who will we see first? and what will it be like?....hmmmm i was reading random things from revalations (isnt that what its called =/?) and it said something about gold gates, and diamonds? ....
  • I have a story to share!

    When people were coming to give their 3azahom for my khalo ( sorry guys mosh not everything i say in arabic i translate!!! :-\) there is this family that said they had a friend who was sick for 17 years and in a hospital and everytime they say he is gong to die he is going to die...... etc.. and they prepare his funneral and he doesn't die. So when them 17 yrs of illness are over and he is better when he got out of the hospital. When he walked out of the hospital he saw his family on the other side of the road and right when he crossed the street a bus came and hit him and cut him into pieces.

    So God has a plan for us! and knowing the time of our death is impossible!

    Me? If i would die right now, I would know where i am going to end at! Burning in HELL! because i am such a big sinner! and I won't blame god not forgiving me.

    Please pray for me,
  • copticcross3, bentBABAyasooa'
    u guys should be a little optimistic about heaven and where you are going... let me ask you this: 1. do you go to church? 2. do you confess? 3. do you take communion? if you answered yes, then you are in!!!
    you don't have to be saints to go to heaven, we all make mistakes and we all sin - I know myself... NON STOP :-\ but I believe in the Lord's words, and I try to live by them...

    something just came to mind that makes me love God even more and makes me think of Him even more!!! Abouna Tadros Yacob Malaty was visiting our church yesterday, and he said that God sings, literally sings when we come back to Him... can you image the love of God to us...
  • I know.

    I also know!

    The story of the 100 cheaps.

    Where the lost cheap was lost and how happy the sheaperd was when he found him.

    The prodigal son.

    The lost coin.

    It is better to be the el 3ashar than to be el feresi.

  • tayab 7`alas... why are you sooo worried...

    wait, lets go back to my question cause I really don't know the answer to it? what do we see initially when we die(going to heaven or to hell)? copticcross3 was saying something about diamonds, and gold gates!!
  • oohhh............ You are saying "USE YOUR IMAGINATION"!

    Mashey ya sedi.....

    I work with kids all the time, so I will use my imagination! I am not saying you are a kid or anything!! :P

    Well.......... I assume I would see and smell bunch of incense ( I love that smell) and a huge huge huge chair that god is sitting on. and beside him is St. Mary! and all the saints and angels are making tasbeha. and you could feel inner peace and the ture meaning of happiness and JOY. You know that God knows you by your name and gave you huge when you came in.
    I think heaven looks like a beautifull Place better than a Garden. Where eveyrthing in it a beautifull and does NOT know HATE or Jealous or Greed just love! You get to be all around your favorite saints ex. anba bola (HINT ;)) or pope Kyrollos!
    Just Knowing I'd be in the same place as god is overwhelmeing to me.
  • oh man, i was falling asleep reading this nice bed time story :P


    so you pretty much have the same idea as me, but do you ever think we will look down at earth and look at the people, and pray for them?
    I guess if we were to look down at earth, we would be able to see everyone and see satan tempting everyone, seeing people cry and people laugh, see the monks and how they pray...i don't know strange thoughts i have!
  • [quote author=AnbaBola link=board=1;threadid=4684;start=15#msg64111 date=1164858005]
    oh man, i was falling asleep reading this nice bed time story :P

    laa` begad you are funny!
    Did anyone ever tell you "hey anbabola You are funny"?
    well........ i guess because they haven't seen how funny your sense of humor is!!

    Ohhh....... ( we are even)

    [quote author=AnbaBola link=board=1;threadid=4684;start=15#msg64111 date=1164858005]


    me too!
    hahahahhahaa.......... ( no offense)

    [quote author=AnbaBola link=board=1;threadid=4684;start=15#msg64111 date=1164858005]

    so you pretty much have the same idea as me, but do you ever think we will look down at earth and look at the people, and pray for them?
    I guess if we were to look down at earth, we would be able to see everyone and see satan tempting everyone, seeing people cry and people laugh, see the monks and how they pray...i don't know strange thoughts i have!

    I do, I'd see all of my family members all at the same time! and i'd see Khalo habiby.
    I'd see all of the souls that are burning in Hell.
    all of them assumtions are based upon "If I did go to heaven"

    pray for me,
  • thank you all for this great replies and now i know that i am not the only one that think of death as a departure
  • Death is something to be thought about. Jesus Christ died and resurrected to save us from death. Death is life's worst enemy, so mankind needed someone who was above death, to experience death and defeat it. The only "God" who did that was Jesus Christ.
    Christians live for the resurrection of the dead. (Creed)
    We don't fear death because we look for the life of the age to come.
  • in the coptic view, death is just a moving from a sinful world to a more beautiful world that no eye have seen. but what i wish for is that i know what time i will die, i dont want it to be a suprise i wanna be ready to go to heaven,
  • [quote author=tHe UnFAItHFuLl link=board=1;threadid=4684;start=0#msg63871 date=1164589306]
    Hey i was just wondering what everyone thinks of death....I know we are coptic but should we look at death as the same way that non-coptic look at it

    no we shouldn't look at it the same way since we are the sons of the Light and the sons of the Eternal God that if we are with Him, He will keep us and not let the shades of death cover us in anyway.
  • yea a noncoptic or christian person does not know the power of the Resurrection. We definitly have a gift and an advantage if we can comprehend and truly understand the meaning of eternal life.
  • god bless
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