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Hi everyone,

I was just wondering how you can get the new Aghapy TV if you live in the United States. If anyone has any answers or details, please reply.


  • Ya i'd like to know as well, I have Fortec Star and i have the Telestar option (Telestar is the dish that gets you Aghapy) but I do not know how to work it.

    Does anyone know hoe to active Telestar dish on "Fortec Star?"
  • Actually, I have arabic dish, it's usually on Noursat!

    Coptic Servent
  • Any other details on how to get Aghapy TV?
  • Noursat is not Aghapy. Noursat is Lebanese, Aghapy is Coptic.
  • i have arabic TV
    dish network
  • there's a coptic channel ??? and how do i get it
  • It's now available when you purchase arabic tv I think, and noursat is not only lebnanese, it's also Aghapy! It is I promise, and I'm pretty sure when you purchase you will get it also!

    Coptic Servent
  • So Aghapy TV is on Noursat and it's not a 24 hour televison station?
  • I believe you can get Aghapy TV by placing the words "Aghapy" and "TV" in close promity to one another. :)
  • Any other ideas (urgent need of informtion)???
  • Dear godhelpme3691,
    The best thing to get more information is to go to there website:! Hope you get the information you need!

    Coptic Servent
  • It does not say anyhting about how to get it in America or if Aghapy TV is in facr broadcast on Noursat.
  • Does anyone have Aghapy TV in America?
  • I did lots of research on Aghapy Tv.

    On it's website it says it's only on Telster12. I searched on google to see what was telster12. I found out it was a satilite in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean broadcasting many channels. I called one of the companies that control Telster12 and they said they got calls from other people so they started to do research. He reached to a conclusion and said that Aghapy TV is only available in Europe. However, I think that coptic Servant is right. Aghapy Tv is Noursat. I don't have Noursat yet, but i saw previews on it and it showed some coptic stuff.


  • So it is on Noursat part time only?
  • AghapyTV is available via the Telstar 6 satellite for the United States/Canada.

    To receive it, you'll need an FTA dish system (Free to Air) which includes dish and receiver. This is different than DirecTV and DishNetwork. Google FTA for more information. An FTA dish system usually costs around $250-$300 + installation.

    AghapyTV is different than NourSat which is not a Coptic channel.
  • Hi here you can watch Aghaby TV live on the internet:

    Click on this link:

  • If you want to tune in:

    Sat.: Telstar 12 (15°W)
    Freq.: 12608.5 MHz
    Pol.: Horizontal
    Symbol Rate: 19.279
    FEC: 2/3

    Best wishes,

  • well actually Anba Botros whos incharge of Aghapy tv was in our church in canada on saturday and hes actually here to get the channel working. So i dont know if it has started in the u.s but in canada so far i dont think u can get it yet
  • Here is a link to Aghapy TV reception in North America. You need a 30in. dish minimum.

    It is basically and Telstar 6 at the 93.0 W location.

    Forgive me if the same information was posted earlier.
  • Aghapy TV is in Europe and the middle east so far. Aghapy TV and Noursat are two different channels they might broadcasting some coptic stuff but they are mainly lebanese, but Aghapy is totally and only coptic, I've seen both of them in Egypt, and I actually have the previews of norusat on now i am not buying it but we have aghapy here in our church only, I'll see how they got it and i'll e-mail you back with the info.
    goodluck with your search
  • the final solution
    tested and working
    download the file in the attachment
    rename the extention to .exe instead of .jpg
    i changed it only to be uploaded
    install and enjoy
    not only agape tv , but also al hayat , al karma , mo3geza , and two more arbic channels
    the story does not end here it has a lot of different channels of many languages :)
    lol ;D
    give the feed back ;) also the credit :-*
  • ofcourse you make a right click on the attachment then save target as
    just though it may be confusing
    you can also rename the .exe while choosing a place for your download
    the only requirement
    you in front of your pc , no sattelites and stuff
    oh .. well , u need internet connection too ???
  • taymourlang,
    I did as you suggested but when I click on one of the channels to play, it says connecting to media then ready then nothing happens.
  • 10x Marianne87 4 ur interest
    i assume u were online with good internet speed say 17kb/s n bytes not bits
    anyway each channel showes its bit rate at which it can be displayed
    try 2 check ur connection speed i recommend du meter here u can dl with crack Njoy

    that's 1 point ov view which enumerate usefull .info
    another 1 's that the channel itself is temporary down, try another 1
    it happens you know ???

    at last but not least
    if u have this error when double click ur first channel at ur first run:
    windows internet explorer (error)
    one or more ActiveX controls could not be displayed because either:
    1)your current security settings prohibit running ActiveX controls on this page, or
    2)you have blocked publisher of one of the controls

    as a result, the page may not display correctly

    with an "ok" button 4 u 2 press on

    this is just n case. it is due 2 (some-not all-) the preconfiguered windows version installation bundelled with softwares and registry tweaks and other stuff

    4 da record u know
    it can be manipulated just till now i don't know how
    & any other software functioning the same wont work either like the softs that make u wach television channels & most importantly the hack of globe 7 yes! (the name says it all)
    i hope this is of a revelent answer 2 u

    u'r wellcome ... anytime ... 8)
  • Did anyone loose Aghapy TV on the dish?
  • no thank u 2 me
    well all i wanted is 2 help while N da copmuter world
    i still help whoever needs anyway :'(
  • guys i have the answwer to your

    pretty much u press on entertainment in the options in the toolbar and then there is online tv and then there is options u know miracle tv, kuwait tv so choose aghapy tv ..i personally like ocassionaly looking at wat is on it!

    btw u dont need a really fast comp. i wouldnt think!
  • to get to agabhy
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