Pray for me Please



  • Hey how did your exams go? I hope you did well, I know how you feel I didn't like chemistry at all either, calc wasn't too bad for me but wasn't the best, wish you all goodluck.
    Oh Could you please for me too, I am in a pre-med school, I have lots of exams, practical exams also, and i have other problems besides school. SO I will need all of your prayers.
    Merry Christmas!
  • We are alot alike then.......
    Chem didn't go well
    Calculas was alright, but not great
    But my reason is when the semester started, I had death in the family!!!! :(
    I am in Pre Med school as well! ;D
  • yes that's true, i am glad that your calcules went well and I am sorry about Chem, my chem never well either but it is over and i am almost done with school, i am senior, Thank God for everything. All I hope now is the next two quarters go well for me and I will be all done. So pray for me. Sometimes, stuff happens out of our control, so just pray about it.
    GOD be with you. :)
  • I have finals so soon and i am so scrad plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz pray for me. I am takeing hard classes with hard teachers. :'(
  • May God be with you. Also ask St. Monica to pray for you the same way she prayed for her son.
  • they say a picture worth a thosand word
    so god here is
  • I have seen this picture where a lil girl was talking to a Statue of St. Mary!
    I will scan the picture for you guys!
  • will you pray for me guys!!
    I did take that test , the results are not out yet please remember me :'(
  • heyy
    i will surely pray 4 u 4 ur exam
    remember 2 pray 4 me 2 and pope shenouda
  • pray for me

    i took my finals but i didnt get my test grades or my final term grades yet
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