Christmas greeting to a Copt?

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Glory to God!

I just went to my new dentist and he is a Copt!

I am Russian Orthodox and Christmas is coming up and
I wanted to know how to greet him for The Feast of the Nativity.

What is the Egyptian Arabic version of "Christ is born, glorify Him"?

Is there anything that goes with the greeting?

Many, many thanks!


  • say Sabha esm Ala. Rabena etwald i hope you can say this right.
  • You can also just say in Arabic KOLL SANA WENTA TI3B this is said at any holidays.
  • Sabha esm Ala. Rabena etwald

    Many THANKS!

    I ran this past an Egyptian friend
    (when I mentioned your username, she asked me if you were flaky?)
    and she said that the phonetic pronunciation should be more in the direction of:

    sab-ha es-m'A-la. Ra-bena et-wa-lahd

    or is it pronounced etwald that rhymes with bald?

  • You're Egyptian friend is right. It's pronounced It-Wa-Lad.

    But I'd say KOLLE SANA WENTA TAYEB, because that's the mostly used thing we say to each other.

    Or you could say:

    Ied Milaad Magied. That's a known one too... Lol too much to choose... success
  • sorry if i couldnt spell the words right :-\ your friend said that i am flaky as in the konafa or me ??? ??? ??? no konafa isnt flaky if you think of it. have you tried it its yummy i recomend you to try it :)
  • downlod this file in the attachment right click then save target as ok. and change its extention from .mp3 to .wav
    it's my own voice , so don't panic ;D
    1-ieed melad mageed
    or the general one
    2-kol sana wenta tayeb

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