Pray for me midterms are coming

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hi every one please pray for me midterms are coming soon and im starting to totally freak. please pray for me i have the hardest classes ever and its jounior year so it makes it even harder to deal with. im trying not to stress but its too late im stressing already and the exams hasn't even started :-[ all i ask is for your prayers god bless you


  • I will pray for you...May God guide you through your exams...
  • god be with you
    as for me i do not chat with some one in exam or studying may be it's all study on computer
    what can i say! been there
    but the real thing is:life's exams are those that need the deepest prayers
  • may god be with u too. remember me in ur prayers.
  • Konafa, :(
    I missed you!
    Rabana ma3aki ya konafa!
    I will pray for you!
    Here is my advice for you........
    Don't ever take a subject easy and with carelessness even if it is an easy one, take it like you don't know how you are dealing with! ;)

    Also, Take the bible with you and read your favorite paslms/verse.

    Call your abona on the phone and ask him to pray for you!

    ;) we rabana esha allah ma3aki, we be el nagah ensha allah.
    Don't forget my halawa! :P
  • im not sure if ur midterms are over but i will pray 4 u anyways..........
    just remember 2 pleez pray 4 me.........RaBena ma3akii....
    God BleSS
  • may god be with u. pray for me 2. i also got midterms. but ur trust in the lord.
  • may god be wih you

    pray for me also
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