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guys HEEELLPPP!!! i'm going to be a yr 2 (7 yr olds i think) sunday school teacher, which i'm sure is very rewarding... and i want to know what are some good activities that the children will enjoy??? what are some good stories to tell them??? i have no idea right now... all i know is that they will enjoy coloring in!!! ???



  • tell them the stary of David. They will love it. ;)
  • tell them stories about the old testament as much as you can. At their age they only accept stories so don't focus much on the new testament. At theri age i enjoyed stoies like moses, elijah, Daviv, Samson. Stories like teh good samaritan.
    Good luck.
  • i agree with lauren that age just enjoy stories from the old testment they will love it

    and don't just gave them only stories do some activities with them make it fun not boring do games with them if you only tell them stories they will not be attention every time that age loves games

    good luck and marry christmas
  • i dont mean to but in like this, but my older brother teaches 2nd grade too and one lesson he did was for the building of the tower of babylon, they got legos and built a tower and someone played "god" and knocked it down. sorry if i didnt help much, let me know if it works out or not.
  • Give them the story of Noah, Abraham, David. U know, stories u got taught when you were at that age.

    Also give them songs like, father Abraham had many sons..................

    Make them do plays that are fun of the above stories, they really like these things and always give them a reward at the end of the lesson.
  • well the old testament stories are the ones for you
    acting them in a play will do much help
    tell them with enthusiasm expression on your face
    before all pray before you teach
    may god be with you
  • well, u can tell them interesting stories. every other time, u can do a play. give candy at the end. u give them coloring worksheets about the lesson. u can also give prizes to those who sit quitely
  • ya coptic88, entah betekalem ezay yabny? coptic88, are you aware that there is a coptic orthodox sunday school curriculum that is used by ALL COC around the world??
    if you are going to give sunday school, you are going to have to follow the curriculum. the curriculum will provide you with the lesson, objectives, how to introduce the lesson, activities that you can use with the lesson, and everything you need to know and do. i've provided the link that has the Second Grade Curriculum for all COC.
    Rabina ma3ak w'ye2aweek!

  • hiii
    teach them about fasting and praying
  • old testament is great..i agree cuase like at that age they will love thsese kinda stories, they will stik with them and lastly when they grow up, they dont get the chancece to be taught these kind of stories

    i saw before that with elisha, when he multiplied the oil n flour (that story) can be a fun practiscal one, where they got flour n oil n mixed it WHILST learning of the lesson..i personally think its a great idea

    also , when i once had a sunday skool class, we had discussions about our prayer, confession, communion

    and we triend learning the coptic months..

    dont foget at this age, its really easy to get them learning things with songs n stuff
  • thanx everyone for your ideas....they've helped a lot...
    Filobateer, thanx, i am quite aware of the Coptic orthodox Sunday school curriculum, i do own a sunday school programme, so does every other sunday school teacher? i was just seeking advice from others on EXTRA activities that the children will enjoy and will find exciting and hence put there full attention into the lesson. The programme only contains:

    1) Aim
    4)Means of illustration
    6)Activity.... Which are for eg things like, pray three times a day...

    the purpose of this thread was to gain ideas about things that kids will enjoy doing in Sunday school like games, coloring and quizzes which hopefully will make them love Sunday school and the lessons taught and make them come every week. Thanks

    by the way, i'm a female.

    God Bless
  • good luck god bless
  • I know teaching sunday school is hard but if you put the benefit the children will recieve from the blessings of the lessons you will never want to leave.
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