I want to share this beautiful .wmv file... Enjoy!


  • thanx for a great presentation!!!!!
  • thanks for sharing mike!!

    Really like it!!
  • This a very beautiful and great movie.

    Is there anyway i can download it on to my computer with going on the net.
  • Copt4eva, if you just right click the link and click "save target as" you will have the file saved to your computer and it will be fully downloaded etc. Then you wont have to be connected to the internet to watch it.

    Ma salaama,

  • Thanx matt88, i really think the people in my church would love this.
  • downloading......................thx in advace
  • Sorry to trouble you Matt88. But i was wondering if you can put on some more videos that are informative such as the one you have posted.

    I really enjoyed them and so did everyone i showed.

    If it is not any trouble.

  • i liked it
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