can NOT focus!! what 2 do??



  • I think you should not try to run away.. I think you should not suppress your sadness if thats what you are doing..

    I think that might even be bad for your mental functions (IM NOT SURE) or might produce bodily symptoms..

    You need to tell God all your feelings in prayer.. ask Him give you courage to face your problem(s) and feelings and if you have any bad feelings ask God to change those feelings.. be honest with Him..
    Grieve but not for too long..and do not grieve without hope if you have good reason to think he may be in paradise..

    1 Peter 5

    7Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you.

    FROM peter 5;&version=9;

    I think that verse may be relevant but I am not sure sorry

    God stay by you my sister!
  • why can't a person run away from their problems??
    u won't have to face them, u just forget about them, pass them by, and go on!

  • I think if you run away from your problems instead of deal with them you will not be doing Gods will and you will not be whole.... you might have this wound (?) all your life.. also you may not be ready (?) to deal with other problems in the future or other pains in your life and you might have resentment towards God about (?) your uncles death or when other problems occur...thinking God just wants to see you suffer or something.

    Some problems maybe can be ignored and they will not effect you.. im not sure and I dont have an example :(
    But if you do not deal with the painful feelings (?) and grieve for your uncle.. you might not be emotionally / mentally well and you may not be healthy enough to cope with life and succeed in life

    I dont know if my answer is all right..
    Also maybe someone has a better answer
  • We'll pray
  • and that is all i am asking............


    plz pray for me no matter how small the prayers are

  • I pray for you my sister.. I better continue to aswell

    I need prayers too :(

  • men el 3en di abl el 3en di

  • we all pray for u....but again u need to talk to a father of confessions immdeitely and share wat is going on....
  • he is in egypt visiting!

    idk anymore :(

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