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I don't want to do a poll because I know there are lots of people that like them all so I was wondering what songs or hymns of tasbeha are your favorites, I love: asomen, gholgotha, epouro, I'm still learning atai parthenos, thev te pentees, I'm just gonna list some of them: so I was wondering what's your favorite hymns and songs


  • um.. u know wat! my favourite thing is listening 2 hymns and songs but i'm not really interested in coptic 1s
    but my favourite is KAIFA ANSA?! and i do like it in english too 'how could i'
  • lol...you know what the old arabic songs are actually the best i have ever listen too but that doesn't mean that new ones are not cool or anything!but old ones would win!
  • my favorite hymn is "shere maria ya ti oroo te vo" that one that is said in matins. that is such a kool hymn
  • let us forget about the songs...my favorite hymn is actually all the pascha week stuff!
  • lol hazayny is awsome!
  • my favorite hymn is actually all the pascha week stuff

    dude specially golghotha...i feel so good when i am singing it and i get so mad when the deacons get messed up sometimes in it...i feel like i am going to grab the mic. and i will start singing it alone...i will probably feel wierd when i am singing by myself...specially because my horable voice!
  • i LOVE piehmotghar the great for the pope. IT'S AWSSSSEEEEEEOOOOOOOMMMMMMMEEEE ;D
  • mmm Hymns I love

    1) Hazainy tune: Epraxis, pekethronos, Taishory, Te-epestoly, Teeshory, Gholghotha, emonogenees, Ke-eperto
    2) Faray7y: Pe-ebnevma, resurrection and nativity singary psalms, festival pauline, great esbateer and asbezete, kata ni khoros, Oran enshosho,
    3) Annual: Shere Maria, coptic pauline, catholicon, epraxis, Pe-ehmot ghar great, ayoha el-rab elah elkowat, Al-elqorban.
    4): Tasbeha: Aribsaleen, Tenen
    5): Great Lent: Shary Efnoty and Mighalo and Entho tishory
    6): St Mary's fast: Atay Parthenos
    7) Apostoles fast: Ontos
    8) Pope hymns: Te met esnooty, Be-ehmot ghar (great), Ei eghaby.

    mmm I think that's it hahahahah

  • My ultimate fav is def. Epouro!!

  • my all time fav r piehmot ghat the great for the pope, tenen, catholicon, sunday theotokia and i love sabani hobek
  • The first coptic hymn I listened and loved was "Epouro", but I loved too the "Alleluia fai pe pi".

    Coptic hymnology is not my native tradition (I am issued from syriac tradition) but I find the coptic one very interesting and structurate, and very original between the other oriental liturgical hymnologies.
    Nor byzantine(greek or "arabized"), nor latin, but diferent as we are (coptic and syriac who keep a specific language and music in the Middle East).

  • i love all the hymns its so hard to pick i love epouro, golgotha, pekethronos, espateer great, taishori, all the tasbeha.
  • Hey,

    Nice topic!

    I have to say there are occasions where you want to listen to/sing different hymns, so it's hard to just pick one favourite.

    What I love most in the midnight praise is the 7th part of the theotokia "Shere Maria"

    I also like "Shere Maria te ooro tevo..."

    One hymn that moves me like no other is a hymn of victory, a hymn of freedom: "O all you heavenly hosts" sung on Easter Sunday and Pentecost.

    "I like "tenen" too, the words are so enriching.

    I told you it was hard to pick one ;) ;) ;)

    His son
  • i would have to say:
    ALL tasbeha (especially khiak) and khiak in general
    Tenen.....so powerful.
    Pascha, Lent, and EVERYTING ELSE........i love coptic hymns
  • hi
    I can not say witch one is my favorite hymn but I can say witch one you I dislike !!!!!
  • epuoro
    your mercy o my lord
    in vespers (the st mary hymn of vespers)
  • epouro, khen efran, psalm 150, sabani hobak for sure!
  • exomologija, Athos, Simonopetra-monastry,
    and arabic's psalm 136

    and Russins monastry Valaam, ,,Velikoe Slavoslovie,,

    i'm now, sory for mi horible english
  • I love so many hymns but if i had to choose i would say that my favorite hymns are
    PIehmot ghar (great)
    the morning doxology in the joyful tune
    aven pi arshi erafs
    ke epertou
    mournful agious
    O all the heavenly hosts
    and the list goes onand on and on and on
  • [quote author=kristina link=topic=2344.msg68118#msg68118 date=1172745158]
    exomologija, Athos, Simonopetra-monastry,
    and arabic's psalm 136

    and Russins monastry Valaam, ,,Velikoe Slavoslovie,,

    i'm now, sory for mi horible english

    hmmmmm....what are all fo these?!!!
  • sorry,

    exomologija is, psalm 136 on greek language, and that sing a monks of monastry Simonopetra on Athos,

    and ,,Velikoe Slavoslovie,,is  on russion language, and Great Doxology, and that sing monastry valaam from russia...is is veryyyyyyyyy wonderfully...

    do you understand,

    sorry, sorry

    my english  :( :( :(

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