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I am struggling to understand in our egyptian culture why its not so favorable or successful to be anything but like a doctor, lawyer, engineer, pharmacist? I don't understand that...I mean I know they are lucrative careers but other careers are just as important and its disappointing that you are not really regarded successful or a "great catch" to marry if your not in those fields. I am a social worker and when I tell other egyptians they have this look like "oh..okay" I am proud of what I do and love it and wouldn't trade it for any other career. Its just very frustrating or disappointing that people don't see these other careers as successful or something to be proud of....Hopefully this attitude changes in our future generations and its not like a FOB mentality only..

I mean one incident I remember was a friend of mine was telling another friend how great of a catch her fiance is bc he works as a doctor. Its kind of disappointing to those who are teachers, firefighters, cops, psychologists, or any other social service field... That we are not considered successful bc our paychecks are not as big as those in the medicine or engineering fields...It would be nice to know that there are some egyptians in the social service (cops, teachers, firefighers, etc..)fields and happy in them... So please feel free to give me your feedback and opinions..and maybe some of your interesting careers that break from the norm of our egyptian culture! God bless all!


  • Hello ya eva,
    I'm with you in every single word you said, it is quite very very dissappointing to know how egyptain people deal with each other. The most dissappointing thing is that when it comes to marriage and people just say (ohhh this girl is awesome coz she is work as such and such). I just ask myself that question: shouldn't marriage be based on LOVE for christ's sake?????? so if a person masalan engaged to a girl and she is a doctor and then suddenly she lost her career for any reason, should he then run away and leave her or what??? Eva I have to tell you that I'm an engineer but believe me I didn't enter engineering coz I'm egyptain and care about these sort of stuff, but really I entered engineering coz I'm in love with it and i do really really like what I'm doing, I wake up in the morning everyday and I tell myself "OMG how exciting, I'm going to work" coz i just love it.

    My personal opinion is never ever care about what people say, people are not gonna stop criticizing and judging others even if they are angels from heaven. so my own advice is be your OWNNNN AND DON'T WORRY AT ALL FROM WHAT PEOPLE THINK, and really If a girl or a guy one day faced someone that wants them for their career only then I'm sorry to say that they are not loved by this person at all, it means that this person loves them for the materialistic issues which can't be called love.

    Hope I helped

  • Thanks for the advice I thought that was beautifully said and I appreciate that not all egyptians have this condescending attitude.
  • wow why do you think your career is not as equal?

    social stuff r really hard for me that's why i cant choose it lol

    but really i appreciate any careers which you worked hard to be a professional in and you really did 'your best'

    cos if there was no electrition there'd be no light anywhere

    and if there was no even CLEANERS everything'd be dirty

    everyone has certain talents and abilities and if everyone was as clever and talented to be 'a doctor' imagine the world with no other jobs but medicine lol that'd be extremely unbalanced

    and you need mostly every service of every entire job, think about it

    never think that all egyptians think this way, but there r things which certainly have influenced this point of view,
    think about how high class ppl who r doctors r like in egypt comparing to ppl with other jobs (but thts only in egypt)

    think bout how hard it is to get this degree (especially in egypt) it seems like a miracle thr when someone get medicine

    but dont judge without knowing everyone

    that mate of yours may be influenced with egyptian culture from eg parents n family

    GBU :)
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