any suggestions??..

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here in USA what good careers , good feature and it won't take a lot of years
does the Graphic design good career good feature that i can depend on.
what other careers any idea
guys i really need your help your more experinces than i so if you have an advice please do so
i'm not into medical i won't fit in because medical school whatever majors will take longer and i want something that has good feature but less years.
i hope you guys get what i trying to say
so hope to hear your opinions your advices
waiting for your reply


  • Well graphic design is a little weak, cause i wanted to go into programming but if you don't have an incredibely good job then it's useless and it's not something that you can really rely on, so right now i'm trying to find something else as well although i wanted to do something with computers since i already have some knowledge about programming.
  • thanks for telling me instat of study it then it will be useless
    any discussion
    any advice your opinion what to do now
    which career is good feature then i can rely on
    please guys i need you feed back
  • i need information about international business and career in teaching
    the salary of each career
    any websites you guys know
  • My friend when choosing a career don't focus too much on the salary bc with time money comes. When picking a career and future make sure it is something you will be happy doing and going to work for. Bc you will spend years at this career so if you pick a career only based on money and not interest & happiness you will be unhappy going to work everyday and it will not be worth it. I advise you to research various careers and pray on it. May God help you in finding a career of your choice and remember in whatever career you choose God will give you sucess in (Jeremiah 29:11) tells you that God wants you to prosper and have a nice future. Amen
  • DoniaKiwi, first you definetly need to pray a lot about the matter because especially here in america where there are many choices it is hard to choose and this may drive you crazy.

    Graphic deisgners do not have very good careers because first off you can learn it on your own you dont really need to spend 4 years of school and the demand for them isnt that high.

    Teachers salaries differ from county to county but on average teachers make around $30, 000 per year (but this is a 9 month salary as teachers do not work in the summer so u have summers off!). You can be a teacher in any subject you like as long as you have any bachelors degree ....
    this is in Florida i dont know about other states. Once you pass the subject area exam you can start working, but you have 1 year to then take a general knowledge test...(like a general education test)
    and you also have 3 years to take teacher certification classes which are around 30 credits. (this is if you did not have a teacher certification program in your college)
    you should also be thinking about working conditions like the working hours for elementary and high school are greaat around 7-2:30, but also dont forget that many teachers spend much time when they come home still grading papers and doing school work

    Its my last year as a business major specializing in general management, business majors....if you graduate and work as an office manager or business analyst or office coordinator salaries are around $40, 000 per year, God willing i plan on getting a masters degree in international business or some business field it doesnt really matter which , most people i know with masters degree in business their starting salary is minimum of $ 50,000/ year

    As said before, of course money is important, you should always try to make a good amount of money, but it is not not not the most important thing, the most important is to actually like what you are doing

    Also, i dont know which grade you are in but im guessing 12th since u are thinking about college, u still have 1 semester left in school after this one; (jan-may) try to enroll in a community college instead of school, it will be for free, your school will pay you for it, and you also get high school classes credit, this will really really help you, it will save you about 1 semester of college courses. if you dont know what program i'm talking about talk to your school counseler

    dont always think about how long something is, because if you like it you will study it, and you can save some time/years by taking summer classes in college. and some universities have shorter programs like 6 years pharmacy school instead of 8

    if you find it hard to figure out what you want to be, start by eliminating the things which you dont want to be and see whats left. also think of what kind of place you want to work in, are you a person that would rather spend there time infront of a computer and not deal much with people.....then probably a computer major or business/ accounting you like studying medicine but not seeing patients....> like studying a science field and dealing with patients: physical therapy, medicine, dentistry, optemetry.......etc

    May God help you and guide you to the right choice
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