A close friend has left me what should i do?



  • what was i going to say?? its not easy. i dont know what to talk about, i have to be careful. you see the problem lies wheren there is no communication or even communication but with no improvement. that means we cant solve this friendship problem.what should i do???

    Prayers are needed for me the needy, for this problem to be solved. I say that nearly 2 years away from being friendes is a very, very, very looong time. its really a horrific , distressing time.
    I honestely need heaaaaaps of prayers.


    Coptic Youth.
  • Dear CopticYouth,
    I have been in the same situation before and understand what you are going thru. First, I would like to say I am sorry for the situation between you and your friend and its not an easy situation to cope with. Its hard to lose any friend and especially a close one. In this situation, since you talked to the friend and you didn't get much of a repsonse back try praying for the friend. I believe this is the best solution. Avoid the friend for a while and focus on praying for him and after giving him some space try to talk to him. I advise you not to play the role of the interrogator and ask him all these questions of why he left the church or anything like that bc he may feel attacked and uncomfortable and this may push him away a bit. So when you see him embrace him the way the prodigal son's father embraced him and loved him. With God's interference in this situation it should work well in his name. Don't give up on him and may our Lord bless you and him!
  • thankyou Joyful4eva, for your nice words. i really need to know when and should i talk to him. if i talk to him he might get angry or move back, if i dont talk to him he'll fell i hate and don't care about him. what should i do. im losing hope so quickly. :'( :'( :'(
    advice please ?????????????????????????????

    Pray for me ,

    Coptic Youth.
    :-\ :-\ :'(
  • Dear Coptic Youth,
    Don't despair! The Bible tells us the prayer of the righteous man avails much. Hence, your prayers for your friend are very powerful! Pray for him and put his name on the altar and watch how God will intervene. IT will take some time but ask for the intercession of a saint and don't worry. If its uncomfortable to talk to him than try sending emails or text messages to show you still care and that you will be there for that person. Give them some time and I hope all works out well. I will keep your situation in my prayers! God bless.
  • CONGRUTLATE ME !!!!!! I called him 2 days ago and told him that if he wants to remain friendes or not, he said yes i want to be friendes, and that he knew for a long time. i was suprised and said that we will start a new start, it worked. But how can i prove to him that i want to be friendes ????? What should i do to strenthen (build) the foundation.?????

    I am really thankfull for all the replies that u sent to help me , and i hope i can repay you all.

    With lots of love,

    Coptic Youth.
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