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has anyone had the feeling..

that goinmg to change..imm going to get there (spiritually)...and then u listen to bad music...

AND then u feel OMG i cant do this... and i feel sooo bad..and i think i stuffed all my chances


  • Hello Why, look lol, whenever you think that you want to increase spritually you will definitely find the devil try to tempt you, but if you are smart, tell him: I will continue in my way no matter what happens, if you fall don't worry, rise again and try again and again and again and I'm sure God will help you, but yea we all get this feeling, but don't listen to it, the devil just wants to make you feel depressed and not try, but try and try and try, I will tell you a story that I heard once: there was a young monk that used to live by himself, unfortunately this monk used to fall in the sin of adultry all the time, but he used to always stand up for prayer and he used to tell God "God you know that I'm weak, please help me to overcome this sin" he continued like this for a long time (falling and then rising again, falling and then rising again) until once he done the sin and stood up for prayer talking to God and telling him the same thing, the Devil appeared to him and said to him: aren't you ashamed of standing in the front of the holy god while you are a very sinful person, the young monk said "well you harm me on my head and I harm you on your head and we will see who is going to win, you or the compation of GOD" the devil told him "from now on i will never tempt you so that you don't take crowns from GOD for your fights against sin", so lol from this story I'm telling you, keep trying and trying and trying, if you fall don't worry keep on trying and god be with you

  • OMG..yes that soo helps..


  • hmm i have no idea why im typing thisup here when yur right next to me.. i guess its for people who might be experiencing the same thing.
    READ 'THE POWER OF A PRAYING TEEN' it willl keep you going !! it just has things that we all already know.. but we dont realy think about.. its not just about how to pray, but rather having that relationship with God and never turning back. Finddd iit & read it ! it not written by an orthodox person so your more likely to find it in a Chritian Book Store than your church library..
    Pray for me :)
  • happens to everyone..just pray! and am sure you can over come it easily by praying or thinking of anything else that can get your mind off those bad songs or anything bad you're listening to!

  • ya it does happen to everyone just dont give up
  • Don't worry. ii often get scared that i'll go astray again.. but then i remember something very important that you seem to be forgetting. THE MOST POWERFUL, AMAZING, LOVING, MERCIFULL [+ lots more..] BEING IS ON YOUR TEAM, && theres nothing you + Him cant handle. its possible, just take that first step and then it'll be so much easier. ! i'll be there with yah all the waiie.. luvyuu Lots, keep me in your prayers ;D
  • 'cast ur burden onto the lord n he shall sustain u'
  • I am experiencing the same thing as u are. I have recently become closer to God for he had mercy on me and showed me how wonderful life is when you include God in it. I s gradually overcome many weaknesses: I started to pray, thing of his commandments, realize that salvation is the most important goal of my life and how great is God’s love (once when I prayed, God granted me this favour and filed my heart with his love and I experienced unbelievable happiness, I cannot explain it, I wanted to lift up from the ground and fly straight to him. This feeling lasted a moment but it was enough for to encourage me to pray even harder)
    After I learned to pray (trust me devil played many tricks on me to stop me ex. Filed me with fear of his presence so that I was too afraid to pray. He would whisper in my head that he would harm and ect. I prayed and the fear declined, though he is still trying to scare me) God allowed devil to tempt me with my sins. Couple days ago he started to fill my heart with anger (sin I cannot control). I am struggling to tame it but I fail every day. I would plea to God for his forgiveness and strength but I would fail to the sin the minute after. I heard a voice in my head “ aren’t you ashamed to ask God for forgiveness again, how can u stand in front of him with all this evil in your soul”, “look God has turned his face away from you, he is not giving you any strength to fight the sin, you are condemned to hell for you are full of evil, why don’t u enjoy life than and stop praying” I was about to follow this advise for I felt that I have used my chances with God yet something did not allow me to do it and I lifted my soul to God. I must admit that I am discouraged whit this fight for I am constantly failing, but I see the anger of the devil whenever I tell my self that I will not give up. And seeing devil angry makes me very happy!!

    Keep up!! Don’t give up for this is what the devil wants!! I will pray for you and you pray for me please so that we overcome our sins. The more we will try the harder temptations we will experience. Fortunately God is on our side and He will never loose to evil.
  • wow touching ...thanks so much guys..:)

    i will pray for u..
  • Listen to this sermon:

    Go to the bottom and click the sermon titled "The Power to Change Your Life" by Father Anthony Messeh. It is a very good sermon.

    I hope this helps.

    Please forgive me and pray for me,

  • Haiie Godhelpme3691,
    great site ! sermon still downloading thoug :'( its taking its tiimeee..
    thx heaps ;D
  • is it the last one ..hmm imma downloaden now..ill tell u what i think and plus GREATTTTTT SITE!!!!!!!!!!
  • GREAT listned to it at skol..hahaha...Hizz Child..we looked like retarts just standing in the middle of the playground, frozen listening to the sermon HARDLY EVEN BLINKING!!
  • LOL ii knoww ! haha ! iit woz reallly good ! luvd every second of iit ! =D thx heaps "Godhelpme3691"
  • [quote author=Hizz_chiilld link=board=10;threadid=4426;start=0#msg61211 date=1159179746]
    LOL ii knoww ! haha ! iit woz reallly good ! luvd every second of iit ! =D thx heaps "Godhelpme3691"

    I'm glad you liked it. But if your really going to thank someone, thank GOD, for he is the one who truly gave it to you.

    Keep it up.

    Please forgive me and pray for me,

  • LOL good point. THANKYU GOD ! ;D
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