if we do something on accident does god get upset

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What I am having a hard time learning is when we look, do, see, or hear something bad by accident will god get upset or will he forgive us and know that we didn't mean to do it?


  • hello, Lol look, God knows exactly what your intentions are, and whether you looked by an accident or coz you want to see something bad. You can't stop accident things to happen to you, but GOD will be upset if you saw something by accident and then you insisted to keep looking at it, but if you saw something by accident and you closed your eyes or tried to escape from it then GOD will very happy from you coz you chose the love of GOD over any wordly desire. Hope that i helped
  • Hany hit the nail right.
    God judges us by our intention. He punishes those who are unrepentant.
    So it follows that even if one commits a sin intentionally but soon realises and asks for forgiveness he receives God mercy.
    Now we can commit sin through our actions, words and thoughts.
    If one is able to quard these situations and channel them towards God 's commandments, then you are lucky.
    However, there are forms we can guard against or encourage others :
    1. we can physically effect / influence compliance- suppose I am in a bad company with a friend, I can drag / pacify my friend to leave that company.
    2. if I can not force my friend to leave with me, I should be able to talk him out of that company.
    3 if I can not do either of 1&2, then within me,I should note that that company is bad and most not be associated with me.
    My example may not be as good as I want to express myself but I am sure some of us out there can make better sample out of this.
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