Guys my birthday is next week

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Hello all, My birthday is next saturday, I wish I can invite you all to my little birthday party. I really wana thank you all for your great replies and help and for feeling that I have a big family that I can rely on anytime. GOD bless you all


  • Well happy bday 2 u hany. and remember that we all r ur brother and sisters and r always open 2 u.
  • Happy birthday, and wish u the best luck.
  • happy birthday and may the lord bring u many years to come. :)

  • Happy Birthday.

    God Bless You.
  • happy birthday we 3obal meet sana!

  • happy birthday, sana helwa ma3 yasoo3, bon anniversaire :)
  • hey looks like we share the same bday! :)
    consena wenta tayeb!
  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY Hany!!!!!!!!!!
    Guess what?
    My birthday was yesterday!!!
  • Happy birthday hany85, Laurainchrist and Gods kid...may ur years be filled with happiness in the presence of our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ. :)
  • Happy Birthday
    God Bless!
  • Happy Birthday to all!!!

    May God bless and be with you always

    In His Name
  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY- cola sena wah intoo tyya been ( you dont know how long it took me to write that thing in arabic lol ) Hany and LauraInChirst, may the lord be wth you and wish me a happy birthday too but its september 23. Irini Pasi ;D :)

    on question 11th of sugust or wat..

    cuase mine is on the the 12th!! well it passed..

    AND I GOT MY LZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ (umm learners liscense for all u non ausiises!!)
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