i am on board now

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i'd like 2 say i am more than happy 2 be here
i'm a pharmasist
live in Egypt .
i wish u all da best .. keep up da good work
going 2 continue browse da rest of ur awseme site ..
:-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-*


  • wellcome this sight is great
  • ahlan beek fee tasbeha.org ya doc.!! ;D ;D entah bayn ekhwatek henah ya fandem. :) bema2enak saydaly ba2a, 3awzah 2ors Rivo 3ashan 3andy soda3 we7esh gidan ya3ny... :P ;D (baharag... ::) ) ana filobateer, basm el kol 3arefny b'Fibo! ;D ahlan beek kaman mara...

    welcome to tasbeha.org doc! ;D you're among your brothers and sisters here... my name is filobateer, but everybody calls me Fibo. again, welcome to this wonderful site! :)

    salam :)
  • [move][glow=red,2,300]Welcome[/glow][/move]
    Welcome to the site!

    Hope to hear from you more.

    Please forgive me and pray for me,

  • warm welcome for you taymourlang ,7`asatan ennena as7ab mehna wa7da,we sennena ta2reban zy ba3d.ana bardo badres saydala bas fe alexandria.hope we can meet one day.

    as for you fibo,el rivo sha7e7 men el so2 el yomen dol bas dont worry,fe 7al a7san.kano dayman y2ololna eny sob3ak elly yewga3ak ...e2ta3o.fa law dema3`ek wag3aky gdn momken te2ta3ehy ...lol. (just kiding,don`t ever try this solution,or if you did ...don`t tell anyone who adviced you ....lol ;D ;D ;D ;D )
  • hepas WELCOME!!!!! DOC :P (filo)lol...

    so was that a picture of u..or something else...

    lol u will find this to be A GREaTTTTTT site...

    lol i myself have been on it for over 7 months now..on EVERYDAY!!!!WOOT WOOT
  • WELCOME! :) :D :) 8) ;D You will find this site very handy towards your spiritual life

    But i find it strange how you (taymourlang) have 0 posts if you have just posted one on this forum is something wrong with the site
  • welcome taymourlang
    shybox, any posts under "introduction" aren't counted i think
  • lol well i have 765..lol lets see....ill reply with the asnwer ;D
  • yep it dont count...765 still ;D

  • mosh ma32ool ya akh shenouda ... :o ba2a el rivo sha7e7 el youmen dool?? la 7awl elah... deh ma2sah 3al omah el 3arabyah kolaha ya ged3an... :P 3al 3emom mosh eshkal abadannn.... nemasheeha obtaledoun w'shay b'ne3na3... ;D ;D

    salam :)
  • Ohhhhhhh LOL!!!!!!!


    sorry to make such a big deal out of nothing
  • No problem!!

    I actually found it very interesting :)
  • welcome taymourlan,
    i hope ur enjoying the site! am looking forward to hear from u!

  • hey welcome.......this site is awesome........u will love it...glad to have u here and god bless...

  • thx everyone for this lovely spirit.
    i'm sorry for not posting or replying .. u no .. exams, lots of stress.
    anyway thx all & n detail acc. to date of post :

    trusting in god: ya it is g8 sight thank you.

    filobateer:alf salama Fibo & thx for ur warm wellcome.
    about da headache thing, its from the dilating blood vessels in the brain w' cause da pressure. so for whatever reason --->
    1--> trying relaxing exercise is much better.
    2-->get enough sleep.
    3-->o and ur continuous staring at da screen while u browse or read my reply yes it does count.
    & about da aspirin dont mind shnoda i will even post u 1 if so.

    Godhelpme3691:thx & i do pray for u dear.

    shnoda:well bro. & u naw officially got ur mate.
    u r from alex then, i'm famous as taymourlang there at el 3adra we maryouhana ganaklis. if u evr heared about da more than well known
    FAROOK 3AIAAD u might have a chance 2 no who i really am.
    best of luck then.

    why:thx dude & da pic. is g8 i no
    yet y ur why e'out an answer ..... because ????
    & about ur investigation in da hit cont issue( how do we know, unless we try?history i gess)

    shybox:thx it is & for ur remarkable note PLEASE READ ABOVE.

    PrincessMary:THANK U.

    sandrahanna:i am enj. it so far , i'm looking forward 4 u 2. GBU2 Sandra

    basketball:thx Mary i already love it
    about basketball do u pl or just love da game.

    at last but not least a funny definition for da word doctor:
    the person who give you pills to kill your ills, & kills you with his bills.
    ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;)
  • ofcource i know ganaklis but i don`t know many people from there.just one or 2 from college.well ,i will try to ask about Farook so that i could know more about you . :D .
    god help you,it must have taken much time from you to write down your reply.anyway it is nice of you to do this. :)
  • u already love it....thats nice...by the way i love and play basketball....its always fun for me!!!lol glad u love the site...talk to u later.

    mary :)
  • hello i am new to the site ;D and i live in california and i wana make new friends
  • Welcome taymourlang and marena to the site. :)
  • you are very welcomed marena, ;D ;D ;D ;D
  • hey marena welcome.....

    god bless
  • thank u guys fro the welcome post that was nice well i am usulay boed online so if any one wana talk im me or contact me on messengeer
    im: marmar just4u

    ms:[email protected] or [email protected]
  • thx 2 all who reply 2 me e' da sweet words w' reflect da kind, lovely heart ov urs >>>>>>>>>>>>>

    shnoda: ofcource i know u know ganaklis, anyway who wanna know about da poor old me. best ov luck anyhow
    tip 2 use: i dont play games, but if i did; i only play 2 win
    i think i did spread it well there
    about my replies & posts >>> i do pay attention 2 them very well. as 2 me they r da only expression for us (i.e:myself, me & i) and wt character i show, wt impression i leave behind.

    basketball: yep, that's ---> (i.e:right ;D) i loved it 1st time my eyes fell on it, from da 1st glance, on getting busy e' it, iknew it was da 1 for me Mary
    so basket ball is 4 u then, good 4 u & way 2 go Mary
    & i'm pretty sure u keep ur self busy playing NBA 2006 while u r on ur computer
    i'm pretty sure 2 that u can perform a marvelous SLAM DUNK
    keep practicing then, i dont want u 2 miss ur finals ;)
    so as 2 back u up, i will even gift u a basket ball (u will find it down) so whenever u play basket ball, u will remember me
    till then take care & wait 4 da TALK (or it's just another synonym for writing, hope not)[ur sound sound sound; 1 mic. once said] HHHH...cheeeeerz Mary

    marena: new 2 da site, so am i ;D .
    CALIFORNIA it was fun 4 me 2 locate on GOOGLE MAPS (u know i try 2 keep myself busy)
    & u r so wellcomed 2 be 1 ov my friends
    & 4 my frieds i have a quiz waiting its answer >>>
    THEY TEACH U EVERYTHING EXEPT:.............................................
    well my good friends all over, good luck e' this 1 4 naw ;) ;D
    & if u like i may write down another 1, harder ofcourse
    n.b: passwords allowed HHHHHHHHHHHHH ;D
    hope 2 hear from u soon Marena da California girl
    nice ov u 2 leave ur im & messenger ,, no doubt u will be busy talking from naw on. well till i'm 1 ov da lucky then AUREVOIR

    Marianne87: thx 4 da nicy wellcome :)
    :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
  • hahahahaha....lol u have a way with words!!!basketball is like my middle name!!hehehehe so when i get famous and rich ill buy u some really expensive car or something!!!lol it would be funny!!! :) :) :) :) :) :)


    i like the pic by the way
  • hey taymourlang,this is a very difficult quiz.don`t u have an easier 1.i don`t get grade A always,it is much harder than the college exams....lol

    mabroooooooooooooook ya basketball,nice ball that taymourlang sent u.
    and taymourlang u r lucky,u will get a car when basketball become a famous player (very soon i hope) .take my advice and ask for a very expensive one,it is ur chance...ya ba7`tak ya 3am taymor... ;D ;D ;D :D :D
  • lol you guys crack me up!!

    MARY..i LOVE BASKETBALL TOOO...lol i play it against schools!!

    and taymourlang: LOVE THE PICTURES LOL
  • well well well ...
    & again we shall meet

    basketball: so u like my words then ... here's
    "my words like a sword, cut the silence of quiteness" taymourlang once said
    first, middle or last ... u will rock with it, basketball
    & when u get 2 be famous, i might consider u 1st on my list for making commercials, u know "TAYMOURLANG ideas for life" ;D
    yea it will be totaly brand new item & copyrighted ofcourse
    till then, i'll be waiting patiently 4 u 2 buy me sth.
    i'm hard 2 satisfy, though thx in advance :-*

    shnoda: my oh my shnoda, u amongest all should - & if i may say must - know this 1 in particular ....... well, here's
    they teach u - shnoda - everything - in pharmacy school - exept : HOW 2 LIVE WITH A MISTAKE :'(
    for instance:someone comes 2 u at da pharmacy demanding ASPIRIN for his headache,pain,....etc. whatever .
    he asks u 4 a glass of h2o ;) which u give him.
    he administer da medicine & here is da BIG KAHUNA
    the man fall down, his pressure drops, becomes cold & enter in a coma ( well that's wts called in scientific terminology " anaphylactic shock " ) the poor man my die in seconds before ur eyes, u freezz shocked by da scene. he cannot be hospitalised, but must be given ??? - i leave this 2 ur pharmacy study - immmediately orelse lost as a casuality. gess wt it was da man 1st time 2 take ASPIRIN, & probably is da last
    & i'd like 2 quote from myself this
    "2 be a hostage or a casuality, it's up 2 u" war principle ov mine
    n.b:this sensitivity reaction is notably very rare, yet this casuality of a mill-, bill-, zillion u name it, could happen 2 u.
    take care lol , & 2 get rid ov da legal implications u should ask da customer/da patient : have u ever taken ASPIRIN before sir/mam ?
    may sound silly 4 u 2 ask/inquire, but since naw u no ; i will be silly no more .... 8)
    & about Mary i know she is gr8 yes indeed, so i don't wanna be greedy as i trust that good choice ov her. after all it's a CDF " A CHOICE DEPENDENT FACTOR " that's it 4 naw ,,,, over.

    why: no far no see, nice 2 hear from u buddy
    we will continue cracking da desert lol
    i'm glad my pics r having so much fans

    for da complaining ov da hardness ov my quiz, here's an answered 1 " do wt so ever u wanna do but u shall never OVERRIDE SYSTEM VALUES" taymourlang
    this is applied at computer science, emergency medecine,...etc.
    " u r only limited by ur imagination"
    so far so good, till farther notice, be well

    :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
  • lol allright i myself will wait till i get famous!!!thanks

  • alright basketball
    till then see u in other threads
    as this 1 is officially closed
    1 close this thread here & now
    see u later Mary
    p.s: u've been added in my list, can't wait,so later lol. gbu
  • welcome to the site
    Im pretty new also, but from the time that ive been on this site
    I have had alot of fun.
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