What is the Coptic Orthodox's View on IVF?

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Hey guys,

Well that is basically my question. Any literal facts or anything said by H.H, bishops or priests would be great.


Please pray for me.


  • lol its the same thing as stem cell reasearch right..lol if it is..i found a link...to this great forum..

  • well its not the same thing as stem cell research.

    it is in vitro fertilisation (test tube babies)

  • the church allows IVF..........if it is from a married couple
  • whats ivf?
  • I know that the church allows IVF, but I don't fully understand why. I almost all cases IVF produces more embryos than will be implanted into the mother. This means that some embryos will be frozen to be used later. Most of the time thesejust get detsroyed. How is this preserving human life?
  • If you are married, and the IVF is done in a very controlled way, so that you aren't making embryos left, right and centre, then the church does allow IVF. At least, that's what the priest at my church told me when I asked him.

    I researched it and found that this link http://www.bioline.org.br/request?mf05031 was very informative. I've quoted a pretty key passage from it here:

    "In summary, HG Bishop Gregorios welcomes and accepts in vitro fertilization only under the circumstances where the oocyte and sperm are taken from the husband and wife and fertilization occurred in vitro with no doubt about gamete mixing. Embryo transfer must be performed to the mother who is the source of the oocytes. All the steps of in vitro fertilization should occur with the approval of the husband and wife and the treating physician should be alert to the fact that no mixing of gametes should occur and there should be no doubt in anyone's mind regarding the source of the gametes. "

    Hope this helps ;D
  • Embryo transfer must be performed to the mother who is the source of the oocytes

    does that mean serogate (sp?) mothers aren't approved by the church then?
  • yep, the church does not approve of soragate mothers......
  • surrogate mother is a big no no

    thanks guys for your help

    god bless
  • good to know i guess...but why is that?
  • [quote author=Marianne87 link=board=4;threadid=4131;start=0#msg57651 date=1152880426]
    good to know i guess...but why is that?

    1. Its against nature.

    2. It can cause a lot of problems. I would imagine that the surroate mother would become very attached to the child, having carried it for 9months. And although I'm sure she gets plenty of money for doing it, it must still be very difficult for her to just give the child away after that.
  • surrogate mother

    WHAt exactly is a surrogate?
  • [quote author=Heavenly_note link=board=4;threadid=4131;start=0#msg57924 date=1153514024]
    WHAt exactly is a surrogate?

    Basically when a couple are unable to have children, the woman's egg, after it has been fertilised, is placed into another woman's womb (this woman is called the surrogate), who carries the child and eventually gives birth to it, at which point she gives the child back to its biological parents.
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