• what is mccyos??? is it an american thing? :-[
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    what is mccyos??? is it an american thing? :-[

    yea umm,, what is it ? ???
  • hey, bob, i would love to go but tell my boss about it!! yeah... i'm sure he will be excited! ::) :P no, honestly i wish i could go, but u gotta do whatcha gotta do - WORK!! may be next year or so... anyway, have fun for all of those who can't go, bob! :-\ :D

    salam :)
  • sounds like some convention? where is it? what age group is it for?
  • So it's for people who live in the middle of nowhere, USA. ;D

    Just kidding. I really like the midwest and hope to move there someday.
  • well i guess i cant go anyways since there is no college 1
    we only have 1 college convention here in january and its in florida and im in florida but its 8 hours away driving, can u imagine in the same state and 8 hours away ( the 2 furthest states/cities apart in egypt probably wouldnt be 8 hours apart!!), never going again!! its faster to fly somewhere
  • thre's a college on and a highschool one
  • :) i cant seem to be able to go becasue i am in a different country.

    Maybe another time BOB ;)
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