Zoom player.. is it legal or illegal to download and play it?

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I want to download it and use it but I dont know if it would be illegal to play it..
some of the sites that talk about it might allow illegal downloading of some programs..


  • Doesn't the Zoom player let you download free movies? If it lets you download free stoff that you would normally pay for it is illegal. Also those programs give you tons of viruses.
  • Zoom player is just a media player. On their website they have a free version of the software and a version that you have to pay for.
  • but I think I had a media player that I think I found out was illegal or something..
  • Actually mikeforjesus, you might be thinking about limewire that's not a media player but instead a downloadable program that you can downloads songs on to your pc directly, and limewire is illegal!!

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  • Limewire is illegal only if you don't buy it.(which nobody does)
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