Tasbeha: The First Hoos

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Hey everyone,

So at our church, St. Mark's in Chicago, we have this Friday Night Youth days, and each kid does a lesson and teaches it. Our series is tasbeha and we were talking about tasbeha and questions came up and the teacher could not answer them.

So here they are...

1.) Why do we say Amen Alleluia Kyrie Eleyson Kyrie Eleyson Kyrie Eleyson before every hoos?

2.) Why is the first hoos the Song of Moses and not a different song, story, etc?

Anyone who can answer these questions-->Thank You very much!


  • question 1) i dont know
    question 2) because that is the way the church made it
  • Hey mtanious32,

    I found a really cool site that explains all this stuff.



    We'll bring this website up next Friday and all our answers shall be answered.
  • Thanks esakla!
    Rooh ellab:-P lol
  • Chanting the First Hoos after the beginning of the Midnight praise (Arise O Children of the light) is quite logical if you think about it.

    First the church teaches us to stand and pray in the night (remember the gospel of the 10 virgins in the agbeya of midnight!!).

    Then we remember the story of salvation (which is basicaly summarized in the First Hoos), we were captives of sin and death, and Moses (=> Christ) has crossed with us through the sea (=> the world and tribulation) through his staff (=> the cross) to the promised land (=> heaven or the new life with God).

    After the First Hoos comes the.......Second Hoos (very good lol), which is a psalm full of thanksgiving. Again the order here is very logic, cause we give thanks for all the good things God has done for us.

    as for question number one, thats a very good question.
    I tend to think that it comes from the Great Hoos (as the one we chant in Kiahk, Lent, Nativity etc).
    The great Hoos is chanted after [coptic]Ten ;ynou[/coptic] and before the First Hoos. The last sentences of the great Hoos are "[coptic]amyn =al k=e k=e k=e[/coptic]", and afterwards the First Hoos is chanted...perhaps this part then was said before every Hoos.
    This is speculation btw, i could be wrong, it just seemed a reasonable explanation to me lol ;D
  • y do we say a diff. kyrelisioan sogn in FRIDAY
  • question 1: i think amen alleluia kyrie eleyson(x3) is the intro for ea hoos like the prayer of thanksgiving is the intro to every liturgy
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