The 50 joyful days

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during these days do we pray the agypia
what about the tasbeha do we do tasbeha
is there any different between the annual tasbeha and the tasbeha we do on the holy 50 joyful days
please guys i really need these in information
hope to hear from you guys :-\


  • dear youstina04

    yes we pray the Agpeya and the tasbeha during the 50 days
    it is only during passion week that we do not pray the agpeya as we want to focus on the life of Christ in the last moments.

    The hours of the passion week replace the prayers of the agpeya. You will realise that they are pretty much split the same way.

    The difference in the tasbeha is small, we do NOT pray the regular SUNDAY EPSALI, but the EASTER EPSALI. There is one for watos days and one for adam days.

    adam days = sunday to tuesday
    watos days = wednesday to saturday

    hope this helps


  • Also during tasbeha, we change the tune for the psali of our lord (aikoti ensok) to a farayhi tune. Im not sure how i can explain the tune, and i cant find any audio files of aikoti with this tune, but ya if u hear it in tasbeha, u will notice a difference.

  • Well also to add on to what mg said..theres a part right after TenTheno which is called Tennav Tanastasis...and we say that until the end of Hatoor, and also after Part 15 of the Sunday Theotokia we say part 16 and 17 in the tune of the Morning Doxolgy but with a little twist at the end lol..its a really cool...hope that helps
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