coptic language and the Rossetta stone software

Hi all

i was looking at the software the Rosetta Stone to teach various languages.

they have a various interesting programs to develop software for endagered languages

this software is phenomenol and quite a leading product because of its principal to teach a language with immersion.

I a posting this message hoping it would spark the interest of someone with authority in our church to contact this company to develop a program for the coptic language it would truly be revolutionary to teach coptic in our churches and communities.

may be one of our blessed bishops or fathers with a love for the coptic language could bring this to the attention of His Holiness.

best regards
Peter Mikhail


  • This is indeed a very good idea and would benefit many people. In turn, this can ultimately keep the Coptic language alive. Maybe one of the administrators can help bring this subject to one of the Church Fathers or Bishops. I really hope that something like this can be devoloped and distributed.

    Please forgive me and pray for me,

  • Thanks for the link, we will defintly take a look into this.
  • In the mean time, you can use this link to learn Coptic online.

    It contains three very easy Lessons. I learned it in less than a day.

    Please forgive me and pray for me,

  • There is a book you can buy which seems great to me though I have not really gone through it..
    its called

    So You want to Learn Coptic (or something)
    you might be able to get it from a church library or buy online
  • I realy whant to learn coptic and arabic (read and wright). I knew Arabic a long time ago. But I just forgote how to read and wright it I (I can speak it realy good). I also love the Coptic language. It is the most buitiful language I have ever heard.

    PS: If anyone has a good website in mind (to learn about coptic and arabic) please post the link here.

    and god bless
  • Here is a very good link, but you need to download and install the font in the link before being able to complete any of the lessons.
  • I recomend this link to learn Coptic online:

    It contains three very easy Lessons. It also includes audio of how each letter sounds and how it is pronounced. I learned it in less than a day.

    Please forgive me and pray for me,

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