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hey can any1 find the pictures thing. u know, the 1 with all the pics? i just got more pics.


  • Wow, you might as well make a website dedicated to pictures of the church, and such....lol.

  • mark423, that link didnt work w[me=_sinner_]at all! >:([/me]
  • Try it again and make sure you don’t have a pop-up stopper running…

    If that still doesn’t work for some reason just go to…

    General Category> Coptic Orthodox Church > picture

    At the moment it is the 7th thread from the top…
  • hey guys i have another server (osu server) which can hold more pics if you guys want to i can create a page on there just for the coptic pics instead of filling this the tasbeha server but we won't have a forum thing like here it will be just picutres
    here is the link to the main page of the other site http://coptic.org.ohio-state.edu
  • I can also do it since I already have a "Pictures" page yet I have a question, how can you create a subpage that doesn't show on the Nav I mean I wanna put in the Pictures Page one thumbnale for each category that when people click them they'd show all the pics for that category in a new page


  • Fyi...

    If this turns into a "how to" - technical discussion, it will be moved to the Technical Difficulties board.

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