Unction of the Sick..

Is it only for bodily sicknesses or also for mental sicknesses or problems.. e.g, adhd, depression, bipolar, schizophrenia.. ?
also if my mum got some oil from my grandparents would it still be effective if she put some of the oil on someone ?

Is this the right forum for these questions?


  • I am not so sure about the first question, but I think when abouna comes to your house to do a "qandil" I think this is the same oil used for the Unction of the sick, and same with any "qandil" that is done during the church (Today is the Last Friday of the Fasting..so there should be a "qandil")

    The second question is definetly NO...like any other sacremenets in the church, Unction of the Sick is one of them, meaning it has to be done by an ordained Priest...so when your mom anoint someone with it...it's only a blessing and there is nothing wrong with doing that by the way.

    I hope that helped.
  • Hello,

    Yes, the Sacrament of Unction of the Sick is for spiritual, emotional, mental, phsycological, & physical healing. The physical healing though is according to God's will.

    And just like Marianne87 said, the Qandil (Andeel) performed by the priest at people's homes contains the Sacrament for the Unction of the Sick (i checked with Abouna today to make sure :) )

    Check out this page which discusses the 7 sacraments in detail:


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