Is it sin to want to be good at something?

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Ok sorry if the question seems somewhat obscure, or even stupid, but I was wondering is it a sin to want to be good at something? Not to brag to others about or to be recognized, but just to be good at something, if that makes sense. Sorry if the question seems a little weird or whatever, and thanks in advance for the answer.

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  • god said not to hide your talents

    so i think the answer is simply no. it is not a sin to want to be good at something.
  • Your motives and intentions are crucial in determining the validity of your desire to pursue or be good at something. If the glorification of God is absent from such things, then that is something you need to change and work on.

    On a sidenote, i'd be careful with how you use the word "sin"; it's employed very legalistically in western Christianity as opposed to Orthodoxy. In its Greek context "sin" simply means "missing the mark". As such it's not a very black and white issue; technically speaking it's not about right verses wrong.
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