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How do you guys deal with anger? I think I do a couple of things like call a friend, write about it on paper, or even go to my room for the heck of it. I know this sounds a little bit weird, but I'm wondering becuase in case I need to ever deal with a lot of anger. I think that listing things might help so we don't do something stupid. This topic came up in our health class and I was just wondering what do you guys do. I know I do a lot of various things. Ok, please respond. Thanks.

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  • When i am mad i usually try reading some of Pope Shenouda's books.They really make me feel happy and calm.

    I really enjoyed his book about calmness.

    Hope it helps
  • oh that's cool, shybox.

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  • CopticServent, I was kinda wondering about things you did, and I just wanted you to completely ignore the health class. Like, before you took the class, what would you do? I sound kind of rude, but I'm just clearing up the question, I'm REALLY sorryr.

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  • abouna said to count slowly from 1-10 and that should stop u from doing anything foolish when u r angry
  • We were talking about this in Sunday sChool and we came to a conclusion that it's ok to be angry as long as you don't follow up with dumb things.

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  • that's what i do, nene/irene.

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  • Hey,

    Well, you can consider walking away from the situation (if you can) so you dont end up saying/doing somthing you dont want to do....

    When you walk away, recite the Jesus Prayer... and maybe add at the end somthing like "God, i dont want to upset you, help me keep my peace"... Believe me, He'll rush to your aid...

    If you cant walk away from the situation... try not to look at the person, look behind them, beside them, on the ground, etc... just dont make much visual contact because when you look at them, they will further stimulate actions of anger (kinda like walking way so you dont see them anymore)...and again, without looking at them directly... recite the Jesus Prayer just quitely... a good 10 times at least... then face the person/situation and try to calmly excuse yourself....

    You can't prevent anger, and technically because of our human weakness, anger is not exactly a sin, BUT, what is the sin, is what we do as a result of anger... if we get angry but dont do anything to reflect it, we're ok... but as soon as we do somthing wrong to express our anger... that's somthing we gotta learn to avoid... so dont try to "not get angry" (its a human emotion, hard to avoid)... try, if you do get angry to "not do actions that reflect anger"....

    Take care and God bless
  • Our teacher gave us a couple of quickfixes in a situation:

    flip a coin
    split the difference
    walk away
    admit you were wrong
    and some other ones that i gotta remember

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  • But there is some feelings of anger which are in themselves sinful isnt there?

    "and technically because of our human weakness, anger is not exactly a sin"

    so if we did not have human weakness would anger be a sin according to that?

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