prayers please

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Ok, I really need you guys to pray for me so that around test-time I don't get all nervous and don't get too uptight about my grades. I want to be able to take the test without freaking out. Please pray for me and if you can, please suggest something to try so that I can not be as nervous.


love lots,


  • Hey,

    Dont worry about getting nervous, its quite normal...

    Some suggestions would be to make sure you prepare yourself a good few days ahead of time before the test, so that they day right before all you are doing is reviewing what you already know, and that the night before you get a GOOD amount of sleep... (studies show, that those who are well rested can recall information ALOT better than those who arent)....

    As well, if you have a few things u need to memorize (formuals, definitions, charts, etc)... then memorize them as much as you can, and re-read them/re-memorize them right before you go to sleep, cuz studies also show that if u need to remember somthing, memorzie it at night because the brain recalls and re-learns the last thing you studied before bed...
    (have u never studied really hard and dreamt about it.... or was working on somthing and sloved the problem in your dreams.... or tried to memorize somthing and woke up in the morning knowing most of it? that's the study coming into play... your brain is working on the last thing you remembered!)

    Another thing i would suggest is the day before, or the day of the test, put your name on the alter, or find someone to put your name on the alter... for some reason i feel alot better when i know abouna is praying for me!

    As well, most importantly, BEFORE you write ANYTHING on the test, even your name... say a psalm (psalm 23, 25, and 27 are my favourite to recall if i can), or the Lord's Prayer, or the Jesus Prayer a few times.... or even a little personal prayer asking for the intersessions of the saint(s) you usually talk to....

    Make sure you mention God before the test...ask for Him to keep you calm and to help you re-collect information.... He wont let you down!!

    If i'm really nervous with a test, i ask for the intersessions of St. Abouna Yessa, and i bring the pic/holy oil of Pope Kyrillos with me.... even if i dont do that well, i know it coulda been worse.... lol

    Good luck!!

    Take Care & God bless
  • don't worry god will help u. I am worried too. i have so many tests coming up too. so please pray 4 me too. How not to be nervous i really have no idea thugh. maybe praying will help
  • thanks guys. crazycopt, i study for like 2 and a half hours. and im not even joking, i like all ur advice ESPECIALLY the psalm thing. i just usally pray before i take it, during, and then after. thanks soo much

    love lots,

    ps. i had my test today adn idk how i did. keep praying please. :'( :-\ :-X :-[ ::) ???
  • Hey CopticChica21,

    Hope your test went well!

    It's GREAT that you pray 3 times; before, during, and after!
    i think i'll give that a try... it seems like a real confidence builder!

    Good luck with the rest of you school work! May the prayers of the Virgin Mary and all the saints be with you (and us!)...

    Take care and God bless
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