guys i'm looking for this saint
she is female saint
also i'm looking for her picture
is there a book about her life
let me know
thanks guys


  • i hope thats it!
  • does anyone knows her story
    is there a big picture than this so i can see her clearly
  • Martyrdom of St.Anastasia

    Kihak, 26

    On this day, of the year 304 A.D., St. Anastasia, was martyred. She was born in the city of Rome in the year 275 A.D., to a pagan father whose name was Britastanos and a Christian mother whose name was Flavia. Her mother baptized her secretly without her father's knowledge and she brought her up in the teachings of the Christian faith. She was steadfast in her faith and no one was able to dissuade her. When she was of marriage age, her father gave her in marriage to a pagan youth, against her wishes. St. Anastasia prayed to the Lord Christ with fervent supplications, asking Him to separate her from this pagan youth who was away from the faith. When her husband left to go to his work, she also left to visit those who were imprisoned for their faith and she ministered to them, comforted them, and offered them whatever they needed. When her husband learned about this, he shut her up in the house and placed guards over her. She continued to pray and ask God with tears and supplications to save her from the hands of her husband. God answered her prayer and speeded up his death. She distributed her wealth among the poor and those who were in prison, the confessors and the strivers, for the sake of the faith. When her fame reached Florus, the Governor, he brought her before him to inquire about her religion. She confessed that she was a Christian. He tried to entice her to leave her faith by promising her many precious gifts. When she did not listen to his promises, he punished her by torturing her with various tortures and when he became weary of her he ordered her to be drowned. She came out from the sea unharmed with the grace of God. When the governor learned that she was still alive, he ordered that she be tied up to four pegs on the ground and be beaten ferociously, then be thrown into a pit of fire. They did so until she gave up her pure soul and received the crown of martyrdom.May Her prayers be with us. Amen
  • I love that story, for some reason it reminds me of St. Demiana, that story touched my heart, and I was glad that I learned a new story today, thanks Safaa!

    Coptic Servent
  • ok i googled her pic n this is what came up.//
  • guys that not saint anastasya i'm looking for
    i think there is two st.anastasya
    the one of talking about she was not martyred
    she was a nun and later on in her life lived as a monk
    also her and her parents were christian already
    thanks guys anyway for replying

  • ok i found this it is the corner there is her picture ...
  • thanks that what i'm looking for
    but there is no big picture that i can see her clearly
    is there a book telling her every detail about her life
    i want to know more about her
  • well if you go to your church library..el will probably find that movie!! i have it n it is a great movie!! however i donot rememba the story...
  • On this day also, St. Anastasia departed. She was from a noble family in the city of Constantinople. She was very beautiful and had a great moral character.

    Emperor Justin, who was married, wanted to marry her. She refused and went and told his wife. The Empress sent her to Alexandria on a private ship. She built her a convent outside the city of Alexandria and named it after her.

    When the Emperor knew where she was, he sent for her, but Anastasia escaped and hid herself in the wilderness of Sheheat (Scetis), disguised as a prince. She met with Anba Daniel, the archpriest of the wilderness, and revealed her story to him. He brought her to a cave, and asked one of the elders to fill a water pot for her once every week, and to place the pot at the door of the cave and leave. She remained in this place for 28 years, without anyone knowing that she was a woman. She used to write her thoughts on pieces of pottery, and leave them at the door of her cave. The elder who brought her the water used to take the pieces of pottery without knowing what was written on them and give them to St. Daniel.

    One day he brought a piece of pottery to St. Daniel who wept when he read it, and said to his disciple, "Come with me now to bury the body of the saint in that cave." When they entered her cave, they received blessings from each other. St. Anastasia said to Anba Daniel, "For the sake of God, bury me with what I have on my body." Then she prayed and bade them farewell and departed in peace. They wept and buried her. When the disciple was caring for her burial, he found out that she was a woman, and he marvelled in silence.

    After they buried her, and they returned to their place, the disciple knelt before St. Daniel and said, "For the sake of God, tell me her story, for I have seen that she was a woman." The elder told him her story, that she was from one of the noble families of Constantinople, and how she surrendered herself to Christ, forsaking the vain glory of this world.
  • So there are two Saints in the church by the name Anastasia, one from Rome and the second from Constantinople.
    I did not know that, Thanks Marys
  • You might download it for free at

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