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Dear Administrators,

Sorry for the request, I know we are always asking for things to be done, and you are all doing a great job with this site. But I was wondering if we could have a picture gallery as many other coptic sites do.

If you look at the picture thread there is 163 pages and even another thread called picture 2 has started, which makes it extremely difficult to look in every page, to search for a picture. If you look at your statistics, you will see that the picture thread has the most replies (2444) and is the mostly viewed (34220) :o

So dividing the picture thread into categories, for example like: Jesus, St. Mary, saints, martyrs, angels, clipart, ...etc, would be extremely beneficial to many members. People use these pictures in many ways, whether for church, for their sunday school classes, powerpoint presentations, or to have them on their computer, all of which are important reasons to make it easier for members to search, so I hope that you take this petition into consideration.

thanks :)


  • I second the petition by Princess Mary for creating a gallery specific for tasbeha website, it is a marvellous idea.

    If it is possible, to have one division for Icons and second one for Pictures. Picture is a very broad and loose term, which can vary from a simple picture to a compound complicated one, to a natural scene with a verse or a prayer, and even to a face that sometimes difficult to reconcile with the Lord or the Virgin.

    If we have a place for Icon, this will develop a Coptic attachment and a pride especially this is a Coptic site and not just a Christian one.

    At the same time, the site can save a big place if after doing this gallery, go back and delete all the picture’s thread, if this will not upset any one. This idea will prevent duplication or even ten time exposure of single picture.

    Very good and ingenious idea Princess Mary!!!. Go for it dear Administrator!!!!!
  • Maybe we can make a picture gallery, if it doesn't take too much space, and yes, picture thread is huge and even picture 2 is big too, it takes way too much time, it will be magnificent or even artistic if we had a picture gallery, and yes it takes to much time to load and look at each picture, please admins and moderators let tasbeha.org have a picture gallery!

    Coptic Servent
  • I agree. Having a picture gallery would make viewing the pictures much easier and would probably save space. it also takes too much time to even load the thread in, so we would be really greatful if a gallery was created. if there is any way i can help, i would be glad.
  • Buttttt, Some Pictures don't have their sources of where they are from!
  • I think thats a great idea!!! I second this petition. Plz and Thank you!

    Angel form Heaven :D
  • how about instead of continuing to petition for the very few hard working moderators of this site to work on something that isn't exactly all that urgent, you take the time to save these pictures, title them, post them, save them, sort them as you wish as a sort of service to this site.
  • how do we do that?
  • very good idea...but who has the time?? ...and what layout and what categories...all chose be chosen by the admins...
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