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hi, i was reading in the book of judges and found that thing talking about a man give his 'concubine' which i realized it's a woman to the evil ppl to protect himself? and i don't really understand it, the link above ^ has the chapter plz if u can help...



  • I don't know but this seems like a weired story and i have no idea why it's in the bible...that's kinda confusing ::)...oh well...i have no idea what it symbolizes either...and then at the end he cuts her into pieces...that's kinda of a bit harsh and KILLING which jews weren't suppose to according to the commandments. so ya anyone who has any answers let us know.
  • concubine is a person who is LIKE a slave but is not the owner buys them and does wat ever he wants to them . so he goes to that city and remeber lout the story of lout when the angels were with them
    same thing here some old crazy man wanted to have sexual pleasure with the guests so the man travelin il give u my concubine
  • however, how dare that he cut her into 12pieces that's soo cruel and y wouldn't he just go out instead of her? he prefered to be safe and throw them this which i'm not really sure woman...

    please help because it's sooo confusing!
  • wait a min here concubines are also mentioned in Genesis, in the story of Abraham... ill get the exact references later...
  • oh ty i wanna know coz i asked an abouna and he said like concubines are not like wives and it's a kinda wrong?

    read the commentary on this chapter, the concise version states that her murder was the justification for her earlier sin, since by the law of moses, the sentence for adultery was death. in the end, the levite so viley mangles her body and sends it to the 12 tribes as a way to sort of make sure that this story does not become forgotten. The vile sins of the men of Gibeah must be punished, and it was a message to the 12 tribes to be watchful of such sins lurking in their own cities...
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