kinda new!

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hey all,
my name is ryan and i am 17 years old and i am not egyptian and non of my family r....
but my friend told me about this site and i was really interested about egypt and copts and everything in life..jk
nyways i hope i can get to know everyone!!



  • hey there ryan welcome ;D
    im really glad u want to learn about coptic orthodoxy and im sure there will be alot of ppl here who will answer your questions. if u want i recommend u read this book:

    this is the story of st. anthony written by st. athanasius. it is a really spiritual story. enjoy!
  • thanks thats really cool!

  • hey ryan!
    yay! another member! its to hear that you're interested in coptic orthodoxy...
    what's your background? religion?
    tell us a little about yourself (if you want)...

    welcome to this great site! beware, you WILL get addicted! ;)

    hope to be reading more from your posts!

    take care & God bless
  • hi ryan... glad to see you're interested in Coptic Orthodoxy n especially this website... on the top it says"Our Faith", i suggest clicking on that... try to go to a nearby church (if there is one), that will help you out greatly...

    n if theres anything else we can do here, we'll be glad to do it :) :D
  • hwy marina....

    good luck wit this site...its great (but my only problem is that i dont have real player which restricts me to do alot of thing) anway that was off the topic sorry >:( ;D

    anyway as i was sayen u will like it ....n take ur time to read alot of our forums...alot can help u with ur questions about our religon...i know it has helped me...

    bye...keep in contact!!

    call me tadpole (long story) i know i know i talk alot ;) :D ;D :-[ :-X :-*
  • You can talk about whatever you like here, because your identity is protected (unless you unravel it :P).

    [move]God bless you all[/move]
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