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hi guys i had a question to ask maybe u as oanel of expert listeners will be able 2 help a person in need....when god flooded the earth in the days of noah he said and made a promise 2 us he said dathe will neva do such a thing again...well as u all no we had Hurricane Rita and Hurricane Katrina (god knows what else there is) isnt there a contradiction on the basis that god said he will neva do such a thing...well he did didnt he? also even at the end of the world when the earth is gonna be distroyed who will distroy it won't it be god also isnt that another contradiction...

thankyou plz anser this questions its been killing me lately

thank you and god bless


  • i never though of that before!well...i don't wanna say something wrong...does anyone knows why? ??? ???
  • Kimi1, I'm going to take a shot at this, but some stuff might be wrong...

    God said, to be exact, in Genesis 9:15, "I will remember my covenant between me and you and all living creatures of every kind. Never again will the waters become a flood to destroy all life."

    In Noah's time, God destroyed ALL life on earth (besides Noah and his family). He said there would never be a flood to destroy ALL life. Neither Hurricane Katrina or Rita destroyed all life, we're still living right? lol...

    Hope I helped ;) :)
  • did jesus mean specifically mean rain?...wat about the end of the world
  • God specifically meant any kind of water... rain, snow, sleet, hail, anything to do with water....

    The end of the world is a whole different story...
  • k...thanks i guess it has relieved some pain of my chest thank you ;)
  • lol... np ;) anytime
  • well im glad that was cleared up, but sumthin else thats a little off-topic but has to do with contradiction:
    according to our belief god cannot interfere with free will but countless times in the old testament, god "hardened their hearts" to cause a certain event to happen. can anyone explain this?
  • i remember this question being asked before b/c i remember answering it lol...here's the link:

  • i didn't know that be4 wow thanks alot
  • whoa that was good! thank you very much for that ;D
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