how can i open my pm folder it is not opening anymore!!!

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do you guys know how to get to my pm folder i can't open it!! :'( and i have like 25 masseges)


  • try to close the website and the reopen it and then write in
  • i tried:openning my hotmail masseges and it is not working
    :i tried restarting the whole computer
    do you have anyother ideas?? :o
  • how do i even get in there??i can't open it to delete the massges!!and now i have like 32 are new!
  • i have 170 are read and 37 unread!isn't that awsome?
  • you think its awesome you cant read ur messages?
  • so how i can't even open it to delete it!! :'(
  • do you guys know if an admin can delete some and if so please any admin go ahead and delete the fist few and i will delete the rest that i don't want!!
  • no wonder why i was talking to my self???and you wasn't answering!god's will!hahahaha ;D ;D ;D ;D
  • finally you got it!!!but i really don't know what to do??those people that are pming me!!!
  • hmm...i've lots of problems about that
    like it took me 3weeks 2 register!
    and then another week to activate user but now i made a new e mail address cos i couldn't log on with mine anymore
  • okay and did you fix it?because this prob happened to every one in here!as i concluded!
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