the myth of safe sex- video

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Life of purity is possible with Christ
Pornography and sex is
   addictive
   progressive- instead of watching it 1 minute or practicing it once you’ll do it more
   Deadly- it’s a good hit the first time like drugs. Physical addiction and psychological and instead of turning to God you will turn to this habit.
There are 35-38 sexually transmitted diseases such as HPV, Herpes, AIDS- which kills, Chlamydia etc.
Why is there more people practising sex? Media
Why in the old days there weren’t these things but now there is? These days people don’t care about God, love and lust get mixed up, media is affective, school encourages, peer pressure and people try it out to see which partner is the best.
You are free to do whatever you want but in the end both are loosing but mostly women as they have the virginity seal, they get pregnant, diseases.
This culture is very destructive. They don’t say how many people die from it rather they say go try it out.
The media says use condoms and everything will be ok but safe sex is a myth- condoms don’t work, then they say just in case condoms don’t work there is always abortion.
Sexual activity doesn’t hold, the more you spend together eg. Dating or going out the more familiarity with them then you will end up having intercourse,
If you make up your mind and do what God wants you to do you will slow down with things such as holding hands, hugging etc.
When you fall pregnant and you have a disease the baby will be affected by the disease you have.
Guys give intimacy for sex but girls give sex for intimacy- just to look acceptable in society.
Why would you loose God for some one to say I love you and once you have intercourse ‘one night stand’ they throw you away and say they don’t know you. At that time the girl looses physically and emotionally,
If you know a partner has aids will you have intercourse with them? Of coarse not!! So don’t take the risk as people don’t know if they have a disease or not,
Purity is a factor to go to heaven. In our religion its wrong to have sex before marriage. If you are having sex you are sinning to your body by wrecking the Holy temple of the Holy Spirit. For example you can’t out of the blue go murder some one it goes slowly by hatred etc. that’s like sexually activity. It starts off by small steps like holding hands, then hugging then kissing then there comes all the rest.
Sexually immorality- spending around 200 hours with a guy (mixing with guys in groups) if you work with him you fall for him.
If you are a true devout Christian why would you do that and its not the time or age for marriage.
Once you loose your second virginity which is the virginity in you head the physical virginity will come easily after that.
1 exposure of porn will keep going and increasing that’s the same as choosing to have sex if you do it once you will keep going- there is no safe way.
Rape is very common (forced sex)- 20% girls loose their virginity by drunkenness etc. its not planned, only by guys. Dating is a source that is asking for rape.
Society thinks or implies to you if you don’t have sex then you are retarded, homosexual etc.

+Glory be to God forever and ever Amen+


  • "And the time will come when the mad people will look at the normal people and say, look at those crazy people because they dont act like us."
    I think that was St. Athanasious who said that.

    If you make up your mind and do what God wants you to do you will slow down with things such as holding hands, hugging etc.

    Didnt St. Paul say somewhere that it is not good for a man to touch a woman.

  • sorry about that coz it was lyk this american dude saying it ya i dunno if it says it in the Bible or not im sorry thats just wat it says on the video i didnt make up my own theory sorry agen

    GB ALL
  • i agree 100% with what you said!!! so very true, if only all youth so it!! Marbook and Rabana Maak! ;D ;D
  • Ha safe sex funny funny
  • there is no such thing as safe sex so y u laughin thats y its called the MYTH of safe sex
    plz grow up
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