Can we listen to Music?

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  • The next time you listen to a song, listen very carefully to the words. What do the words say? What do the words seem to encourage? Some songs are sinful because they encourage bad things, lustful things. Music in and of itself is not sinful, unless the music itself also encourages lustful or in any way bad emotions and thoughts.

  • Remember that music effects the emotions and may change ur mood or excite u etc, u'll have to decide for urself if it causes u any harm.
  • i think that the devil can use music as a tool, think about it, wat betta thing to use, music is every where, and to be serious, most songs are send out a bad message, all those songs about love that every1 thinks are harmless, are very wrong ithink, because it gives us a false impresion about wat love really is, its not physical, is not lustful, God is love...
    i think eminem and all those are totally wrong 4 obvious reasons...

    i think to be safe u should restrict urself to things u know r right, we must keep our ears spiritual...
    wat u hear influences ur thoughts and ur actions, just as much as wat u see...
  • Besides the lyrics, remember also that music has it's influence on emotions, ur mood and how u feel, it has it's effects even though it seems harmless.
  • ok, i listen to music all the time. and only arabic music, no english, dont like them. anywayz, they usually help come out of my bad mood, which i am in frequently. do i usually pay attention to the words? no. but when i do, r they bad. it depends on wat u consider bad and if u act on them or not. or should i say influence u or not.

    i probably just confused u more, but i think it depends on the person. my opinion
  • ya music's effect on a person's character depends on the person's tolerance level to such without them being harmful to them.. i agree with egprincess..
  • For me i think Music is one of the most fantastic things God ever gave us. In order to express ourselfs,modify our modes ( When i feel nervous,I try to listen to quite music, for example love story) Music in itself more than great,But like everything man trying to abuse it.
    U remember Gay marriage. U better use things in its original ,Not in its dirty copies.
  • Because I am 1/2 Egyptian and 1/2 American, I can't understand Arabic enough to know what the song is talking about. So if i listen to a bad song by Arabic, even though I can't understand them, am I still committing a sin? You tell me cuz these days, everythings a sin. ???
  • I'm not exactly sure if it is a sin or not, but I know that in the Agpeya we pray, "Absolve, forgive, and remit, O God, our transgressions; those which we have committed willingly and those which we h ave committed unwillingly, those which we have committed knowingly and those which we have committed unknowingly, the hidden and the manifest, O Lord forgive us, for the sake of Your Holy name which is called upon us...." So, I think that it is still a transgression whether we committed it knowingly or unkowingly, but again, I'm not sure. Any suggestions? I hope that this was of some help to you.

    God Bless You,
  • If it doesn't edify u then why listen to it, and i dont think its up to everybodys own character, because if arabic music and all its retardness lol soothes u, imagine what a song about the Love of Jesus will do? Listening to bad music might not be a sin, especially if u dont know its bad, but theres also things that are out there that will edify u and give u better benefit than Hakim or Aliyah or Snoop

    Honestly, all contemporary music these days isnt all that at all, theres so many things u can substitute for it, such as hymns, and spiritual songs, or maybe even just music only

    Music might not have a DIRECT affect on u, but music definitely puts u into certain moods, a lot of fast beat music can make u rowdy and do things u might not normally do, it might even affect how u are in life away from the music, compare a rapper to a monk, rappers life is surrounded by hard core up beat music that causes people to act rowdy and mean and "hard" however a monk is complete opposite and u can tell by their choice of music which in this case is tasbeha, which would u rather be?
  • [quote author=egytony link=board=4;threadid=463;start=0#msg7590 date=1090460878]
    Music might not have a DIRECT affect on u, but music definitely puts u into certain moods, a lot of fast beat music can make u rowdy and do things u might not normally do, it might even affect how u are in life away from the music, compare a rapper to a monk, rappers life is surrounded by hard core up beat music that causes people to act rowdy and mean and "hard" however a monk is complete opposite and u can tell by their choice of music which in this case is tasbeha, which would u rather be?

    what about a rapping monk...hmm...
    I think there are good pop/alternative bands... Evenescence (spelled wrong), counting crows, etc...
  • "All things are lawful for me, BUT ALL THINGS ARE HELPFUL; All things are lawful for me, BUT ALL THINGS DO NOT EDIFY" (1St. Cor. 10:23).
    " Therefore, whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do all for the glory of God" (1St.Cor. 10:31)
  • By the way, in case anybody got confused, I think what ilabab meant to type was, "....... but all things are not helpful....."
  • Forgive me
  • Sorry, I didn't mean to sound rude.
  • Now I thought of something else. At a youth meeting recently, we listened to the song dance with me Jesus by a contemporary Christian group. Some of the Youth were against it because it said i wanna dance with you Jesus and i don't think Jesus would dance with us. Is that wrong too? It's still a Christian song.................
  • i dunno egyptsangel16. i dont like other christian religions songs. they usually say things that we dont believe in, so i try to stick to coptic orthodox hymns.
    i think we r forgetting something. one reason we listen to music is because it is always changing. Our hymns although they r great r the same. youth sometimes look for change.
    many priests and bishops said as long as u balance and the music u listen to is clean and doesnt influence u it is ok.
    i mean, come one, realistically speaking, r there many pple that dont listen to music (besides CS ;)). as long u as u do it in moderation, i think its fine.
  • i think it depends on u and ur relationship with God. if u can listen to music and still keep a balanced spiritual life, go right ahead. i think u said u askd ur father of confession but u never said wut he said. our spiritual fathers have good advice for us and can keep us on the right track so consider followin his advice.
  • I think it means it's different for every person, and u should consult ur FOC and see if u can balance listen to music and have a healthy spiritual life ;)
  • LOL, ask him again, and let him explain it in a way that u do understand i guess ::)
  • wow marmar, you bring this up after a year (lol) np.

    clean english music, i think is fine.

    i personally love arabic music, i listen to it all the time. it doesn't make me wanna dance. i mean right now there are all these ppl out there in Egypt that sing horribly, and some of their songs are what i would call clean (im really picky so...). I personally suggest listening to the REAL clean music, like abd el halim, hani shaker. Songs that have meaning, thats all im gonna say.

    now for the dancing. which kind (american or eg)? if its american i seriously say avoid it. if its eg and its like a wedding or engagement party, go for it. if not than whats your excuse.

    Hope I helped
  • i understand it cause i talk arabic pretty well, so i can usually tell who is singing. if u dont understand it, seriously listen to something else. dont waste your time. i listen to it for certain reasons im too lazy to type, but if you dont understand to begin with, why bother?
  • I think its spelled ghabeaya for a female (not trying to be rude). But not all arabic music is for dancing actually I think that there are more arabic songs that are not dancing, it is just the ones most people hear are the ones that are played at parties which are more famous. But it doesn't matter which language it is in but the overall message. These songs are a way for anyone to voice their opinion about anything. So this is an american, western, or worldly society that is sometimes is speaking though these songs. One should judge on a cases by case basis and not pass global judgements on a type music.
  • Need4Speed,

    ets look at the general situation here. We all know arabic music has no curses in it at all, while the majority of american ones do. a lot of rap songs talk about improper things/subjects while arabic music seems harmless standing next to it. judging arabic music case by case you will find little or no difference in the type of music, and the same with american rap.
  • I am very sorry it came out that way on the last post. I think what i'm trying to say is that it is pretty easy to cast judge on music with obvious loud cursing and improper references in rapp and rock and the like. Almost all arabic songs are harmless when compared to these. I was only looking at the american and arabic pop in comparison, I should have made this clear, my fault. Because both these types have some conflicting views with our church, because of the worldy and not spiritual perspective, in certain issues. It doesn't matter what language but the message conveyed.
  • true, language doesn't make the differece, but language comes from culture and culture certainly has an affect on music.
  • But it is how the artist expresses the language. I am not condoning listening to music. I am just offering argument. sorry for the run around. I think that as we grow spiritually we will start to give up this time of listening to music for more beneficial things.

    God Bless.
  • true as i only listen to music every now and then, but i think that as long as you're not obsessing and letting it get out of hand (such as listening to it 1/2 of your time), its pretty fine. avoiding it is best, but its not like this huge sin that can never be forgiven. as we grow spiritually we will eventually grow out of music, as it will no longer interest us.
  • as long as they're soft and beautiful, especially the arabic ones, i think you're fine.
  • as long as you don't follow the message your fine...but if you listen to the words and you got the wrong message...get away from music or just listen to it often not all the time
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