Popes of Alexandria with the Name Kyrollos

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Does anyone have any website or books that can help find the history of all the Popes named Kyrollos ...thank you

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  • Go to St. Mary's church in Kitchener it has all the Popes from St. Mark to Pope Shenouda.
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  • 1- Pope Kyrillos I " Pillar of Faith " (24) 412-444 A.D.

    2-Pope Kyrillos II (67) 1078-1092 A.D.

    3- Pope Kyrillos III (75) 1235-1243

    4- Pope Kyrillos IV (110) 1858-1861

    5- Pope Kyrillos V (112) 1874-1927

    6- Pope Kyrillos VI (116) 1959-1971
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  • A complete list of the Coptic Orthodox Popes...before and after the Great Schism...


    Includes some information about each of the popes (as long as they are hyperlinked in [shadow=red,left]blue[/shadow]


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