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i need help. pray for my family pleez. its just fallin apart piece by piece and everyone is yellin and screamin and theres always a fite. n everyone is always edgy and mad n we just need help. i feel god is abandonin me n i feel like i want to abandon him back. i no its rong but i feel like if he doesnt wanna help me i dont want a part with him pray for me bcuz its not lookin good :'(


  • No, not exactly true :) we're his friends..and we should help him and "support" him in time of trouble

    Dont worry, we all know how u feeel. Its a typical egyptian household ;). . . what do u expect other than chaos! :P

    Just dont worry too much about it, cuz if God bought you to this "obstacle"...then hes going to see u through it. But the worst thing u can do now is drift away from God. Hes just testing ur faith..he gives us trials and tribulations to draw near to him! Just stay STRONG IN FAITH...and really pray and talk to him, and ask this through the intercessions of all the saints (they work wonders!!) ..and i promise everything is going to be okay at the end (and im talkin from MUCH experience)
  • God be with you and help u and ur family in every way and form. Trust in the Lord and believe me things will get better, it's just temptation and things will become better, pray and get closer to God that's the only way that u will feel better, and things will get better. Don't go away from God, be closer to Him, he needs u to be closer to Him, and that's the best time to ask for His help. God Bless and u are in my prayers.

    Put your life in God's hands, and let Him guide your every breath
  • but its ridiculous... the amount of fighting is too much... i feel the only way to fix this is to abandon god
  • Why is God the problem here...GET Satan out of there not God. Keep God in there and in ur life and theirs...Get satan out because he is the one who is causing that. Try to calm it will wrk..PRAY it's helpful at these times.
  • I agree with Marianne87. It's not God thats the problem but rather its the Devil trying to destroy your family....and as a result destroy your trust in our faithful God.

    The Bible says,"the the Devil is a liar...a thief....that He has come to kill and destroy....but Jesus has come to give LIFE and that more abundantly". Amen! The Apostle Peter says in the Holy Scriptures,"the Devil goes around like a roaring lion seeking someone to devour." The Apostle tells us to resist him(Satan),standing firm in our faith, drawing near to God,and the old serpent the Devil will flee from us. The point is this:you need to trust God even in the darkest times...."draw near to God and He will draw near to you"...."though He slay me yet will I trust Him"," though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death the LORD is with me", The LORD is my shield and helper,in whom shall I be afraid", "greater is He(God) that is in you than he(Devil,antichrist,etc) that is in the world{this present evil world system).

    It's through the FIRE that the "gold" is refined and purified.As the Bilble says,"Gird up your loins" other words:be a man,stand in the LORD who loves and cares for you.Dont turn from the only true Friend,rather run and embrace your Heavenly Father and draw closer to Him than ever before.Pray to your Father,meditate on His Holy Word(the Psalms are very helpful for those with troubled hearts),wait upon the LORD and you will renew your strength.

    We all go through hard times....stand true,trust God....He will bring you through the troubled time.It may be painful for a season but in the end you will be stronger and more mature in your faith and character.

    "Weeping may last for a night but a shout of joy comes in the morning" Your morning will come. "Blessed is the man who trusts in the LORD".
  • jfranklin GREAT advice!
  • ur in my prayers
    jus remeber that everyfin happens 4 a reason.
    pray 2 god and ask him for his help and his mercy
    maybe thats wat he wants. he wants u 2 pray 2 him. wen people are in need they pray 2 him
    so let him take ur burdens and ask ur family 2 do the same
    god bless u
  • Nahda,
    Pray all the time and do not cease prayer. God asked us to pray. He said "come to me all you who are troubled and heavy labored and I will relieave you"
    I attended a sermon by H.G. Bishop Youannes (H.H.'s Secretary) He said:
    There are three things that seperate us from God or try to seperate us from God:
    • sin
    • Problems
    • Laziness
    And there are three things that we should do NO MATTER what the cercomstances are:
    • Talk to God (Pray)
    • Listen to God (read the Bible)
    • Eat God (Holy communion)
    He further more said that some people put the Problem between them and God the the problem would seem HUGE and God is so far away. Other's put God between them and the problem. Then you only see God and not the problem.

    I remember somone once said Life is like a journey. You have to options:
    1) Get lost, face trebulations, Have problems and face all of that alone
    2) Get lost, face trebulations, have problems but have God to relieave your problems.

    Sometimes we feel that God is the source of our problems and His absance will make problems go away, however God is the Solution to our problems and his absance makes the problems impossible to solve. It may not be the solution we want, but it is the PERFECT solution for us.

    There are many examples in the bible about how God stepped in to take care of business. Remember when the Isralilites where fightin in the desert and Moses would raise his hands to pray, every time he would raise his hands, the Isralities would win, when he lowers them down, they would lose. This was a symbol that when we pray ferverntly and ask God for help, He will NOT delay.

    Put the problem(s) in the hands of God. Every problem that you can't do anything about, let Him handle it. Tell Him that "there is NOTHING I can do to fix this, but you can. Take care of it, please." We have to do our part when we can, but sometimes in situations like these, there is NOTHING we can do. Instead of giving up, we pray and ask God for intervention and ask the saint's for thier intersession. Remember, even though they are your family, but they are God's children. Ask Him to take care of His children.

    NEVER, NEVER EVER lose heart or faith in God. Pray always!!! God will provide.
  • good advise! ;D
  • hasnt anyone ever felt that God's not near tho?
  • everyone that have problems feels that god are not near it will be just a hard time and it will pass!! :'(

    god bless you!
  • [quote author=Nahda#1 link=board=10;threadid=1824;start=0#msg27770 date=1118275388]
    hasnt anyone ever felt that God's not near tho?

    Of course everyone feels that way from time to time, but He is here, he just want u to stand up and pray and ask for His help. Good times DO come after the bad times. Temptation happens, and that's one of them, but God does bring good times after the bad....and when those good times come...u will blame urself for not tusting in him.
    God Bless
  • [move][glow=red,2,300]pray.......pray.......pray.......pray.........pray.........pray.......[/glow][/move]
  • WOW great advise everybody i dun think there is anything left to say exept just FULLY RELY ON GOD :) ull b ok just stik to the Lord and everything will go well and even better just remeber that God never wastes a hurt and from 1 bad thing thousands of good things will come out of it dw ur in my prayers

    GB ALL
  • Nahda, I dont know you but you are my brother, know that the devil is cunning, smarter than any of us, and he has been trying to kill us since our father Adam and mother Eve. But PLEASE hold on that extra-second, stretch your arm out in the darkness that surrounds you and know that the Lord will not let you fall for He loves you more than you will ever know or understand. Read the words of our father David, the Psalms are trully a guide in the dark, their Light will strenghten your spirit and calm your heart. I know it is difficult, but rejoice in your sufferings because they are the sign that you are going on the right road. May the Peace and Love of Jesus Christ be with you always.+ Irini pasi
  • wise words indeed luke :) good stuff

    GB ALL
  • Very well said guys!! :)
    [quote author=Nahda#1 link=board=10;threadid=1824;start=0#msg27623 date=1118190688]
    i need help. pray for my family pleez. its just fallin apart piece by piece and everyone is yellin and screamin and theres always a fite. n everyone is always edgy and mad n we just need help.

    Don't worry about a thing! God cares and u know that you can always confide in him! The very same thing happens at my house on a daily basis..
    but u know what.. when trials come into our life that is when we need him the most. That is when we go to him and say, "Lord, please help us get through this. Please let your will be done in this. We need you now more than ever, I put my trust in you." Just pray! I know God is going to help you get through this hard time. I also will be praying 4 u!! ;D

    2 Corinthians 10:4-5 (NIV)
    The weapons we fight with are not the weapons of the world. On the contrary, they have divine power to demolish strongholds. We demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God, and we take captive every thought to be obedient to Christ.

    -We as christians, have spiritual weapons. prayer, the bible, showing love towards others. With prayer and God's word u can get through this, because this gives you strength. Also show your parents love in this time, because love never fails.

    Psalm 27:10
    When my father and my mother forsake me, Then the Lord will take care of me.

    Psalm 29:11
    The Lord will give strength to His people; The Lord will bless His people with peace.

    God Bless! ;D
  • thans for all the prayers... its starting to turn around i ges.... thanks sooo much
  • [glow=red,2,300][move]Well, I only have one thing to say. I sometimes thought the Lord wasn't by my side... but he was there. I just needed to spend some time with him... praying.It was really cool to talk to him cause you can feel him in you. You know God is by your side. And i really hope your family does well. God is by their side. But what I'm wondering is if there was an initial point to their fighting and whenever they fight try to remind them of God, or just pray. I hope these few words helped.[/move][/glow]
  • I'm sorry the last thing I wrote didn't get writen. Here it is again. God is always at your side you just gota pray and know he is there, no matter what....! Just tell your parents abotu him and pray. Read the bible. But was ther an initial problem? Can you at least share that becuase that way we know a couple of solutions. I hope my words help.[glow=red,2,300][/glow][move][/move]
  • wow that was more than excellent laura :o good stuff sister good stuff keep it up and keep sending us your blessings :)

    GB ALL
  • hey nahda#1, im not sure what i can say cuz everyone that has posted something before has pretty much covered everything (good advice everyone) but i guess ill just tell you a little bit of what i think i should add...the first thing i give to you as advice is pray to god...always...everything happens for a reason...and im sure it will calm down at your house sooner or later...god is always there with you through the good and bad times and he will help you and your family through this! im sure this will pass if you pray and have your friends and relatives pray for you will get through this but just remember to always pray for gods help! and remember you are always in my prayers! god bless you and help you and your family through this tough time!

  • good words mariam ;) keep it up :)

    GB ALL
  • ok nadha#1... im sorry this has been happening to you. i really hope that you are ok now. i will pray for you but you really gotta pray too and if something is falling apart be happy and god maybe wants to show someting through this. don;t worry im pretty sure that everyone on this site can pray for you. i think that all you can do is pray. its the best thing. or maybe you should talk to ur abouna. that way you will always be able to have someonne there for you. i hope everything gets better.

  • I know I'm a little late here but I think this might help:

    God gives us trials and tribulations to get closer to him. For example, why did god make peter deny him three times, and what did peter do after that? He repented, and his faith got stronger. Another example is also with peter. The first time he got into jail his wife helped him run away. She told him the Church needed him and convinced him to run away. The next time he was caught and also put in jail, she offered to help him run away again, but he saw Christ carrying a cross, and asked him, Lord, where are you going. And Jesus said I'm going to be cruxified for you. (sry, not exact quotes) And Peter became very sad and sorrowful, for he thought, I was running away to the point Jesus himself was going on the cross again for me. And for that reason he was crucified upside-down. He said he wasn't worthy of being cruxified the same way Christ was. Christ did this to strengthen his faith, and each time it was stronger than before.

    I know these aren't your situations, but I stated them to portray to you that God does certain things so that you grow closer to him, as he did with peter. Now God put before you a test, so pass it! Pray, fast, go to church, talk with your FOC, anything it takes so that you prove to God that you can and will pass it. When he sees that you have the will and potential to pass, he will help you help your family out. I'll keep you in my prayers.

    Pray for me
    God be with all
  • i agree with christ4life!!! ;D awesome advice guys! :)

    god bless you! :)

  • dont abandon God, the devil wants you to leave God , just dont also pray for ur family i will

    hope i helped, pray for me

  • Hi Nahda, Welcome to
    Nahda I really understand how you feel, I had some friends that had similar problems, you really need to sit down and think about it.  Do you think that God left Jesoph in the Old testment?? even though all evidence showed that He left him?? Joseph was sold by his brothers, he had trouble from Fotifar's wife, he went to Jail while he was an annocent person.  All evidence showed that God left him, but reality is that God is actually with him all the time and glorified him but in the CORRECT time.  God never leaves us Nahda no matter how bad it looks now.  God loves us and loves you more than you ever can imagine, I know its hard, I know it hurts.  But I'm sure that the devil tries his very best to take advantage to convince you that God actually doesn't love you and like this you will lose everything around you.  you need to pray to God, pray pray and pray.  God knows your situation and your trouble and will definitely help you but in the CORRECT TIME, what you need to do is just trust him

    Secondly, have you tried talking with your Father of Confession about the situation? have you tried talking to your family about the situation? Maybe if you talk with them, things will get better. Talk to your parents, tell them that you feel very upset and hurt from them and that you really want to live in a house that has peace in it.  I'm sure that these words will change things in your house. Talk to your siblings and see what they say, try to talk to your parents about it and God be with you.

    I hope I helped.

    Yalla take care

  • Dear Nahda,
    This is my first post on the site..i'v been reading a lot of threads on the site for a while and i just made an account, anyways i find that at times like this, it helps to know you're not alone...I didnt get the chance to read everyone's replies so im sorry if im repeating family had some rough times too, and at the time it felt like we'd never get over the constant tension, fighting, and arguing...there's always a reason for something, in the end - we got thru it and everyone learned seems like the worst nightmare when it's happening but i can assure u that one day u will look back and be able to thank God for the things you learned out of the obstacle He put infront of u.
    I hope everything works out for u...and like everyone said, pray. God never abandons us...
  • If u have faith in God he will help u. But u really need to have faith, u need to believe.hope i helped
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