Why did Jesus die?

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hey guys....i was just wondering why is it specially jesus
and die for us?is it only because he is without a sin????
so..anyone can be without a sin?it is possible for anyone can be without a sin!!
so....what do you think so?


  • I believe it was especially Christ because God loved us so much, He Himself had to come. "For God so loved the world that He gave His Only-Begotten Son..." (John 3:16) And actually noone can be without sin. We may live a life following God and His ways, but everyday we stumble and we sin. It even says in the Raising of Insence (sorry for spelling if its wrong) "Noone is pure and without sin though his life on earth be a single day" So we do sin, every single day.

    Hope this helped.

    Please correct me if I'm wrong.
  • I would like to say my opinion: ???
    1.he must be a human being!(because adam was a human being) :-\
    2.he must die! :P
    3.without a bigining or ending!(we are in the care of the endless) :o
    4.he must be without any sin!(because anyone took the sin from adam) :)
    5.he must be the creator!(has the ability to renew the world) 8)
    [move]i hope all of you guys agree with this! ;D[/move]

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    [glow=red,2,300]god bless you![/glow]
  • SandraHanna,

    That was some good stuff! Very cool post! :)


    Very nice as well! ;D
  • thanks..by the way!does anyone have any other idea's?
  • what are you going to say if someone embarased you and said:why didn't god came to save the world instade of jesus?
    [move][glow=red,2,300]i have been embarased with this questoin before![/glow][/move]
  • Jesus is God
  • I think it goes that sin we sinned (Adam and Eve) we have to pay the price of death. Since sin is an act against God and and God is unlimited sin is an unlimited act therefore only an unlimited atonement could satisfy an unlimited act hence Jesus Christ being God who is unlimited is the only one that could satisfy the penalty of sin.

    Not sure if I wrote that right, sorry if I said anything wrong; still learning myself. +
  • Luke be careful of not falling into this western concept (Protestant and Roman Catholic) of salvation which is grounded in Anselmian’s judicial theory. Sin is only unlimited in the sense that its natural consequences are unilimited, but not in the sense that it offends God in an unlimited manner.

    Think of a boss who gives rules to his employees. When the employees transgress this boss's rule and deal carelessly with them, the boss feels undermined and disrespected, and ultimately his ego is offended - he ultimately punishes them according to the degree of his offense. When we transgress the commandments of God however, God does NOT get offended in this sense such that we can put an “unlimited value” on such an offense, in order to conclude an unlimited punishment that needs to be imposed on someone.

    The Church Fathers, especially St Augustine of Hippo, spoke about the fact that God is perfect and that he is not a “passionate” being. Passions are themselves a sin – hate, pride, and being offended are examples of passions. When the Bible employs any passionate type language to God, our fathers teach us that this is not to be taken literally but rather it is to be understood anthropomorphically; the Biblical writers using as best they can the imperfect human language accessible to them in order to make their point.

  • Well lets first set some basics!

    Jesus is one with the Father and the Holy Spirit.
    So God did come to save the world.

    He also filled all the criteria of a Saviour.
    1. Fully human
    2. Fully God
    3. Sinless
    4. Unlimited
    5. The True Sacrifice

    fulfilled all the prophecies not a single one is left except for the second coming. Trully loved, fuly justice, and has the power to cast live into hell. Testified too, and had His Divinity testified off.
  • great response Psalmist, that answers the question really well.

    God bless u

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