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During the 50 holy days
Which liturgy we pray?
Do they still the regular which St.Basil
or St. Gregory, St. Cyril
I really want to know
+ 1. what the different between that three liturgy.
+ 2. when we pray the liturgy of St. Basil
~ ~ ~ St. Gregory
~ ~ ~ St. Cyril

Keep me in ur prayer ;D


  • Hi Youstina,

    I got the following from http://www.stmarycoptorthodox.org/orthodoxy.htm

    1- The Liturgy of St. Basil:

    This liturgy is used frequently in the Coptic Church. Its prayers are addressed to The Father. It begins with the Offering of Evening and Morning Incense as a preparation for meeting God.

    Following that, the lamb is chosen during the Offertory of Oblation (the bread and wine).

    We listen to the word of God through the holy readings of Pauline Epistle (Letters of St. Paul), the Catholic Epistle (Letters of St. James, St. Peter, St. John, and St. Jude), the Praxis (Acts of the Apostles), the Synaxarium (biographies of the saints) and the Gospel. In the early church the people, who accepted the faith but were not yet baptized ( Catechumen ) were allowed to attend the liturgy till the end of this part only.

    Starting with the Orthodox Creed, the church goes through the Reconciliation with God followed by the Anaphora ( the Liturgy of the Faithful ) which takes the church to heaven, where they praise God with the heavenly choir.

    Transubstantiation of the bread and wine to the Body and Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ is completed through the Prayer of Invocation the Holy Spirit. Then the church goes through the Commemoration of the Saints.

    After that, the priest starts the Fraction followed by Partaking of the Holy Communion. The priest ends the Holy Liturgy with the Prayer of the Thanksgiving.

    Meditating in depth on the Holy Liturgy, any word, phrase or symbol used in it, refers to either a spiritual meaning or an event in the life of our Lord Jesus Christ, which means an event in the story of our salvation.

    2- The Liturgy of St. Gregory:

    It is longer than that of The Liturgy of St. Basil, therefore it is often reserved for festive occasions. However, some priests use it throughout the year. Its prayers are addressed to The Son.

    3- The Liturgy of St. Cyril ( St. Mark )

    Originally, it was the Liturgy of St. Mark, but was recorded and perfected by St. Cyril the Great. This is why his name is associated with it. Its prayers are addressed to The Father. Now it is rarely used. Some priests use parts of it in place of similar parts of other liturgies.

    So since the Gregorian Liturgy is used during festive times, it can be used during the 50 days of Resurrection :)

    I know there's more information out there on the 3 liturgies.... Maybe someone else can give us some more info..

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