What would you do?

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Hello everyone,

I was just reading something today and this question came upon my mind: If I grew up, got married and had a homosexual child, what would I do? I mean what would you do in a case like this. It is impossible to control your child's sexual urges but at the same time you have to let them know that this is wrong. It will probably be very hard for them to abstain from thoughts about people of the same sex. And definitely much more harder knowing that they can only get married to someone they are not in love with. What would you do?



  • hello,

    just thought i should put my two cents into this...

    many ppl think that homosexuality is a defect in the brain or something, but it's not. Many medical tests have been conducted, and it is mostly a psychological effect. This is something that we would usually have control over. Thankfully, many children in the Coptic Orthodox church are not born homosexual because of the way the parents raise them. This is, therefore, not a problem for most (if not all) Copts.

    In a situation where this were to occur, however, the best thing to do is to try to take the child's mind away from such thoughts as much as possible. Most people try to put him between many girls, hoping to change his mind. I find that offensive, ineffective, and wrong. My guess is: over time, the child will develop an interest in other subjects, and could start his sexual orientation all over again.

    But as we all know on this site, nothing should be accomplished without the advice of a clergy member, as well as prayer and God's guidance.

    Sherif Rizk
  • Hello AvvaAntoni,

    Homosexuality is a developmental problem and not born- with it problem, it is an aquired defect and not hereditary disease.
    So if the parents are devout christians and are good spiritual models for their children,there will be no fear of the sexual development of the children.

    That is why it is extremely important for the parents to bring their children regularly to the church immediatly after baptism, let them participate in the Holy sacrements, enrole them in sunday school, encourage them to have F.O.C. and pray with them at home

    This is the formula of success in any situation because the Holy Spirit is the Guidance of spiritual life of a child.
  • Personally I view homosexuality as just another type of sin. When it is mentioned in the Bible it is grouped together with sins like adultery, sodomy etc... I think the fact that God chose to group it with other sexual sins implies that, like other sexual sins, it can be overcome. It requires what overcoming any sin requires, repentance, prayer, fasting, confession and communion. Would one say that adultery is a disease or defect in personality. What about prostitution? These are not diseases, but sins that satan plagues unfortunante individuals with. There are many people who through the love of Christ turn away from homosexuality and lead good, healthy lives. I feel we often give people the wrong message, that if you are homosexual there is nothing you can do about it. Anything and everything can be overcome with the Lord's help and guidance.
  • Good responses guys....I agree.....I believe if a child from the start has a strong foundation of faith instilled in them there is no way they can go the wrong way they will know what is right and wrong.......I think is is very important to keep kids really involved in church due to all the peer preasure in society and God will take care of them.

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