Fraction: The Son for Anytime

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Hey all!
I hope everyone is having a wonderful and blessed fast :)

Could anyone help me out?
Does anyone know where i can find the words to the Fraction "The Son for Anytime" (i think that's what it's called)?

It's a beautiful fraction, its long, and i believe it's not read too often in mass.

If this sparks a memory in anyone, some of the amazing words written in the fraction are somthing like this:
"O the wounds of Christ, stab me with the spear of divine love. O the death of Christ, exhilarate me with the love of the One who died for me, O the Blood of Christ cleanse me from all my sins"
(It goes somthing like that, i'm not so sure of the exact words, but hopefully y'all get what i'm talking about)

If anyone knows where i can find the words to that fraction online, please let me know!
It's much appreciated ;D

Take care, God bless and Pray for me


  • I tried looking for it on the net once but it wasn't a successfull search. But it is in the Coptic Liturgy from the Church of St. Mary and St. Athansius (mississauga) once i get sometime i'll type it up an post it.
  • It's funny that you should post this crazycopt because I was just listening to it.. It is my favorite fraction.. very beautiful:

    "O the only begotten Son, God the Word, who loved us and because of his love He wanted to save us from eternal damnation, but since death was in the way of our salvation, he yearned to go through it because of his love for us. And so, He was raised on the cross to carry the punishment of our sins.

    We are the ones who sinned and He was the one who suffered. We are the ones who were indebted to divine justice as a result of our sins and he was the one who paid off our debts for us. For our sake, he preferred suffering to ease and comfort, toil to rest, shame to glory and the cross to the throne which is carried by the cherubim. He consented to be tied with ropes to release us from the bonds of our sins. He humbled himself to lift us up. He hungered to feed us and thirsted to quench our thirst. He went up on the cross naked to clothe us with the cloak of his righteousness. He opened his side with a spear that we enter and dwell in the throne of his grace and that his blood may flow from his body and wash away our sins.

    Finally he died and was buried in a grave that he may raise us up from the death of sin and grant us an everlasting life. So my God, it is my sins that are the thorns that plunged into your Holy head. It is I who saddened your heart by indulging in the worthless pleasures of the world. What is this road leading to death which you are walking O my Lord and Savior. What is that which you carry on your shoulders. O it is the cross of shame that you carry on my behalf. How could this be my redeemer? What made you accept all this? Could the great one be disgraced? Could the glorified one be humiliated? Could the most high be humbled?. O how great is your love.

    yes, it is your great love which made you accept and bear all this suffering for my sake, so I thank you my Lord. And all your angels and creatures thank you on my behalf for I am unable to give you thanks which match your love.. Have we then ever witnessed a love that is greater than this love. So then greive O my soul for your sins which have inflicted all this pain on our compassionate redeemer. Visualize his wounds before you and take refuge in him when the enemy is stirred up against you. O my Savior let me cherish your suffering as my treasure, your crown of thorns as my glory, your pain as my joy, your myrr as sweetness in my mouth, your blood as my life, and your love as my honor and gratitude.

    O the wounds of Christ stab me with the spear of divine love. O the death of Christ exhilarate me with the love of the one who died for me. O the blood of Christ purify my of all my sins. O Jesus my beloved if you see me a withering member revive me with the oil of your grace and affirm me in you as a living branch O thou the true vine. And when I come forth to take part of your mysteries make me worthy to and ready to unite with you. So that I may call upon you O the heavenly father with the tune of children and say Our father.... "

    I have this save on my computer in the voice of Abouna Antonious of East Brunswick but I'm not quite sure how to send it..
  • These are the most likely Fractions not to be heard during the Liturgy...there is about annother 3 not incorporated in there. enjoy.

    Fraction for the Days of Great Lent (TO THE SON)

       You are the Merciful God, the Saviour of everybody, Who was Incarnate for our salvation, Who gave light us who are sinners.

       Who fasted for us forty days and forty nights in an unutterable mystery.
       Who rescued us from death and gave us His Holy Body and precious Blood for the forgiveness of our sins.

       Who spoke to the multitude and His saintly disciples and holy apostles saying: “This is the Bread of Life which came down from heaven; not as your fathers ate the Manna in the wilderness and are dead. He who eats My Body and drinks My Blood will live forever, and I will raise him up at the last day.”

       Therefore we ask and entreat Your goodness, O Lover of mankind: purify our souls, bodies and spirits, so that with a pure hear we may dare with boldness, without fear, to cry up unto Your Holy Father Who are in heaven, and say: Our Father….

    Fraction for the Resurrection (TO THE FATHER)

       O Master, Lord, God the Pantocrator, the Father of our Lord, God and Saviour Jesus Christ, Who through His Cross descended into Hades, and restored our father Adam and his children to paradise. He buried us with Him, and through His death He abolished the power of death, and on the third day He rose from the dead. He appeared to Mary Magdalene and spoke with her in this manner saying, “Tell My brethren to go to Galilee, and there they shall see Me.” The archangel descended from heaven, rolled the stone from the door of the tomb, and proclaimed the good news to the women carrying the spices, saying, “Christ is risen from the dead, and by His death He abolished death and granted life to those who were in the graves.” He breathed into the face of His holy disciples and saintly apostles saying, “Receive the Holy Spirit. Those sins you remit, they are remitted to them, and those whose sins you retain, will be retained to them.” And after forty days, He ascended to the heavens, and sat at the right hand of His Good Father, and sent to us the Paraclete, the Spirit of Truth, as tongues of fire.

       Therefore we ask…

       Fraction for the Resurrection (TO THE SON)

       O Christ our God, the High Priest of good things to come, the King of the Ages, the Immortal and Eternal, the Logos of God is above all. Who granted us this great mystery which is His Holy Body, and precious Blood for the forgiveness of our sins. This is the Body which He took from our lady and queen of us all, Saint Mary, and made it one with His Divinity. This is He who descended into the Hades, abolished the power of death, led captivity captive, and gave the people gifts. He lifted His saints with Him to the heights, and gave them as an oblation to His Father. By tasting death for us He saved the living, and gave repose to the dead. We also sitting in the darkness for a season, He granted us the Light of His Resurrection through His holy incarnation. Let the light of Your true knowledge shine upon us, so that we may shine with Your living likeness, and dare with boldness….

    A Fraction to the Father Anytime

       O God, the Father of Light, the Prince of life, the Grantor of knowledge, the Creator of Grace, the Beneficent of our souls, the Treasure of wisdom, the Teacher of purity, the Founder of the ages, and the Receiver of pure prayers; Who gives to those who rely on Him with all their hearts, the things which the angels desire to see; Who uplifted us from the depth to the light; Who gave us life from death; Who granted us freedom from slavery; Who caused the darkness of deceit which is in us to shine, through the coming in the flesh of Your Only Begotten Son; now also, O our Master, enlighten the eyes of our hearts, and purify us to be perfect in soul, body and spirit. So that with a pure heart….

    A Fraction to the Father Anytime (Another One)

       O Lord, our God, the great, Whose name is great, the Father of compassion and the God of all comfort, Who has received from our hands, we the weak and sinful, the rational, true, and unbloody sacrifice. You also, our Good Master and lover of mankind, deliver us from all defilement of the body and the spirit, and make us worthy to partake of Your unutterable good things, unto the salvation of our souls, bodies and spirits and an answer before Your Awesome Tribunal. Make us worthy….

    Fraction for the Son Anytime (another one)

    You are the Logos of the Father, God Who is before the ages, the Great High Priest, Who was incarnate and became man for the salvation of mankind. And out of all nations, He called unto Him a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation and a justified people. Therefore we ask and entreat Your goodness, O Lover if mankind, that this Sacrifice be not a reproach for our sins nor a disgrace for our iniquities, for we have offered it to You for our weakness. But as these oblations are pure in everything for You have come and filled all them with every pure thing through the descent of Your Holy Spirit upon them; likewise, graciously sanctify our souls, bodies, spirits and consciences. so that with a pure hear we may dare with boldness, without fear, to say the holy prayer, which You gave to Your holy disciples and Honoured apostles saying to them, “whenever you pray, entreat in this manner, and say: Our Father….”

    The Syrian Fraction

    Thus truly the Logos of God suffered in the flesh, and was slaughtered, and bowed upon the Cross, and His soul was separated from His body; EVEN THOUGH His Divinity was not separated from His soul nor His Body. He was pierced with the spear in His side, out of which came blood and water as a forgiveness for the whole world. His body was smeared by them; and His came and was reunited with His body. In place of sin which surrounds the world, the Son died on the Cross. He restored us from the left to the right provision. By the Blood of His cross, He reassured, unified and harmonized the heavenly with the earthly, the people with the peoples, and the soul with the body; and on the third day He rose from the grave. One is Emmanuel, and un-separated after the unity, and undivided into two natures. Thus we believe, and thus we assure, and thus we confirm that this Body is for this Blood and this Blood is for this Body. You are the Christ our God, Who was pierced in His side with the spear on Golgotha at Jerusalem for our sake.You are the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world; forgive us our iniquities, and forsake our sins, and set us on Your Right Side. O God, the Father of our Lord, God and Saviour Jesus Christ, who is blessed by the Cherubim and praised by the Seraphim, and exalted by thousands of thousands and ten thousand times ten thousand of rational servants; Who sanctifies and perfects the oblations which are offered to You as a sweet aroma; sanctify our bodies souls and spirits….
  • Hello CrazyCopts,

    I just typed half of the fraction you wanted , tomorrow I will do the other half, I hope it is the one you want it


    O The Only-Begotten Son, God the Word, Who loved us, and because of His love, He wanted to save us from eternal perdition.

    And since death was in the way of our salvation, He yearned to go through it because of His love for us. And so, He went up the cross to pay the price for our sins.

    We are the ones who sinned, and He is the One Who suffered. We are the one who were indebted to divine justice as a result of our sins, and He was the One Who paid off our debts.

    For our sake He preferred suffering to ease and comfort, toil to rest, shame to glory, and the cross to the throne which is carried by the Cherubim.

    He consented to be tied in ropes to release us from the bondsof our sins.He humbled Himself to lift us up; He hungered to feed us and thirsted to quench our thirst; He went up on the cross,naked, to cloth us with the cloak of His righteousness; He opened His side with a spear that we may enter and dwell in the throne of His grace and that His blood may flow from His body and wash away our sins.
  • Thank you MarMarNeMaTaLLa, you had already typed the fraction for the Son and I did not notice; Sorry for that, May God bless you.
    I do not have to type the rest of it.

    Now CrazyCopt, you can find the whole text of the fraction, thank to MarMarNeMaTaLLa

    I, too love this fraction very much, although we do not hear it often.
  • If you listen to most of the gregorian liturgies, the fraction said accordingly is that one, only on annual days...cause if the recording's of a feast..then obviously it will be the fraction of the feast...get the drift?
  • i love this fraction its words r so beautiful, its my favorite 1 too :)
  • hi crazy copt
    this is a great part of the geregory mass and by the way i love this part too.
    you will enjoy with a tabe for abona bola melek from egypt . but you can find it easly at any church ask about the gergory mass for abona bola melek.(execuse my spiling)it's B.U.Teful.
    pray for me
  • hey all!!

    Thank you sooooooooooo much to those who took the time to type up the fraction [Safaa & MarMarNeMaTaLLa]!!! and to those who thought of typing it up!! you're all awesome!!

    i absolutely LOVE this fraction, and now i can read it whenever i want - thanks to you magnificant people!

    and thanks for the other fractions!!

    God bless you x 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000


    take care!!
  • hey crazy may have missed a few 0's :P
  • Strongly doubt that there are people that don't like this fraction. here is Abona Bola Melek saying it

    Its under St. Gregory.

    One day I was driving to church with my dad and listening to that liturgy and my dad was tellin me how he loves that fraction. We get to church and abouna says that fraction, I LOVE IT.

    Thanks for those how typed it, May God reward you in HEAVEN
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