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can a Coptic orthodox Christian marry any one from any other relation like, Muslims or catholic or prostates or some one from any other church ???


  • The answer is NO AND NO

    The one from other denomenation has to be baptised into Coptic Church faith.

    The Muslim one has to be converted to Christianity first.

    I think, but I am not sure, the other churches can perform marriage ceremonies on couples of mixed faith.
  • You saw my big fat greek wedding right? Yes it is true that they must convert for the marriage to be done in our church. Its kind of complicated though because who knows if they are converting for the marriage or actually converting for the faith itself then to marry. It is not an easy thing, to have marriage on the couple's mind and then to convert so the two can marry.
  • I think u are free to marry anyone u want...exept that there is certain things in the church, you will not be permitted to do, unless u are married to someone of the same faith, like you can't have ur wedding in the coptic church, because both couples need to be of the same faith in order for the ceremony to be preformed.
    I heard if a coptic christian woman marries a muslim man, then the church declares her as dead or meaning that she can't come near the church or near the communion, I am not really sure if that applies to men as well or not. I have seen people marry other Christians but different faith like Catholics or Protestants, and I don't think the church has a problem with that, exept that u can't have ur ceremony in the Coptic Church.
  • hi every body

    ok mikeyy231

    you ask if a coptic orthodox can mary from other side what ever waht is this side??
    but the question here is why?

    why a coptic orthodox mary from other religuon...
    if you have your own church it have alot of good girls and boys
    and it have alot of good familys why the person think to go outside??????

    I just have one thing to tell you


    thank you and pray for me.
  • "And Jesus knew their thoughts, and said unto them, Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation; and every city or house divided against itself shall not stand" Matthew 12:25

    Guess not..
  • we have alot of mixed couples in our church, all who are coptic orthodox now if they were'nt before.

    i dont think there is any objection to marrying someone who was previously of a different religion, as long as they convert.

    be careful however, that the person converts first and formost because they actually like the religion and are interested in it, and would to participate in its teachings and such... then convert for they person they are marrying.

    if its for the love of the person that one converts, its likely to be less successful than someone converting for the love of God and then the person.... (hope i didnt confuse anyone)

    and of course... talking to one's FOC is always a good way to get clear-cut answers!

    take care and God bless
  • if u notice during the marriage cerymony, theres a sentence that is pretty much repeated alot which is "Blessed Orthodox son to the Blessed Orthodox daughter" so that tells u that u must be the same religion to get married.
  • yup yup everything above pretty much covered it u cant unless they convert
    well sorry to wat marianne sed bout if a lady marries a muslim guy she cant come near the church does that meen not enter it? coz i no sum1 who did and walked in coz it was a christening is that right or wrong??

    GB ALL
  • hey all
    wel we recently had some1 from our church who was coptic an got married 2 dis guy who was i think catholic and he was converted an baptised coptic orthodox. i see em at church every week so yea but theres dis other couple that used 2 attend like a few times a year. the dad was coptic an the mum was catholic aussie wel aniways they had 3 children and they got a divorce- the yougest child lives with the dad an i see them at church all the time now so i don know
    but if u think bout it- its such a hasle to get some1 2 convert and teach them from scratch a religion which u grew up in so personally i think we should jus stick 2 copts ;D lol - thats ny opinion but don get me rong i respect all ur opinions, u guys r gr8
    take care and god bless
  • We have out our church a few couples who are half Coptic half American. They are GREAT Christians. So I guess sometimes it works out. As long as they convert.

    I believe St. Paul said that you shouldn't be with someone of another denomination in Marriage or a long term relationship that might influnce you. As mazza said, you want your spouse (whether your wife or your hasbant) to help you bring up your children in faith and dogma, to bring them to the church. Or even before that, if you feeling lazy and don't want to go to church one day, you need your wife to help you get closer to God (or your husband) So, you should always look for someone in the church whom you think is faithful but always have God and the Holy spirit guide your decision.

    As for if a woman marries a non-christian, lets look at St. Monica, she was married to a non-christian and now she is a Saint. it is strongly discourged because that union is not Bless ed by God in the sacrement of Holy matrimony, but its not the end of the world. (I think)

    Just my 2 pennies
  • Hey Fully rely on God,
    who ever marries a person from a different religion is condemned out of the church whether a lady or a guy... no matter what. So basically Marianne was right and I have alittle true story about that. I'll post it sometime soon but I have to go now.
  • ok thnx eriny r there any consequences from it? ill b looking forward to ur story

    GB ALL
  • yea i gues that in the end its really up 2 u- i have a free will nut use it wisely so don go do sumfin ud wana regret in da end
  • tru dat tru dat good gal

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  • lol c how much space we waste sorry guys if u r getting a bit annoyed we will stop

    forgive us
    GB ALL
  • I don’t know if anyone mentioned this... but you would be excommunicated from the church... that means you can’t partake of the sacraments...
  • but you actually have to think about it it usually doesn't work out that good just to convert for the sake of marrage.

    I actually think it should be more than that it doesn't really sound like a good reason to convert
  • if it is like catholic to orthodox i dont find anything rong wit that but wat if a christian converts to muslem and goes in the church what happens?? coz i saw that b4 not exactly to go in for a mass but for a christening

    GB ALL
  • It seems to me that if one wants to marry, if they marry, both being Orthodox, they will eliminate a lot of problems in the future in the marriage. In Protestant churches the divorce rate is over 50%. There is much doctrinal confusion that is not in Orthodox churches. We as Copts do not need to marry the doctrinally confused. It's just too easy to get an unbeliever thinking you're getting a believer. Thanks! :D
  • hmm, many abunas told me that there are some exceptions, if they are close enough to our religion. i never heard of the excommunication thing though.

    this is what i prsonally think.

    what is marriage? what the reason behind anything we do? our goal of doing anything, making friends, seeing movies, is to better ourselves and to make us stronger christians. If this choice or this unity will break bonds rather than build it than its a no no for sure. However if this person is a tru believer of christ and will not stand in ur way or ur faith's way and WIll help bring u closer to god, that go for it.

    however, the reason the church finds marriges like these irratating is because the children are always caught up in the middle.
  • awad dat was so brilliant- such wise words
  • does any1 no anything bout my answer?

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  • hey FROG
    im not sure about what i'm about to say, but here goes.... (anyone with concrete info plz corret where i am wrong)

    first off, the church is open to anyone, so whoever can enter it...
    however, to partake of sacraments such as communion, priesthood, marriage, etc - one must be orthodox and baptised in the orthodox church.

    in the mass, i believe, anyone can attend it, however, i heard that at some point, those who are not baptized as orthodox must leave at a certian point, when the deacon says 'look towards the east' (i heard this is because shortly after, when the bread and wine turn to Body and Blood, those in its presence must be orthodox or somthing like that... im not too sure about this though)

    i've seen a few muslims attend a coptic wedding, they were there throughout the whole ceremony... so its ok for them to watch it...
    but to marry in the orthodox church, both must be orthodox so as to partake of that sacrament....

    so if an orthodox decides to convert to somthing else, that person cannot partake of any of the sacraments, but can attend and watch things like mass and weddings...

    hope that helps and wasnt too confusing...

    take care and God bless
    pray for me
  • thanks mazza, apparently u read thru it despite my spelling errors.

    in ur face servantofjesus(she tells me that i dont make any sense whatsoever in all my posts)
  • farout my posts never go up

    well in my other 1 i sed thnx crazycopt for clearing that up for me it reely helped alot thanku GBU :-*

    GB ALL
  • lol no probz FROG...
    glad i could be useful in some way

    take care and God bless
    pray for me
  • :D very useful indeed ;)
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