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its me again back to bore you with my borng troubles but i need more advice i keep committing the same sin over and over again its like i cant stop im a slave to it how do i stop i continue and continue to ask christ to be with me and help me and i ask my intercessors to stand with me and strengthen me to stopping but i still do it more and more and i feel horrible every time after doing it i even cried once its becoming horrible does anyone have any advice for a problem like this?



  • To be honest with you, I don't think anyone can solve such..we may say encouraging words which touch your heart but its truly from fight harder by praying, fasting, taking communion, and confessing on a regular basis. I know it's cliche but it's all you can do on your part along with fighting the sin. Perhaps God leaves us to fight and fall constantly on our own for a strenghten us, bring us closer to him, teach us a never know the ways of God..just do your part and it's bound to be solved..just wait..if you remain steadfast, God will definitely help you. Remember me in your prayers. God bless.
  • All of us love Christ so much and we wish that we never hurt Him by our sins, but because, we are weak, we end up falling in sins, even though we might not want to do them "For the good, that I will to do, I do not do, but the evil I will not to do, that I practice" Romans 7:19.

    Our whole life will be an endless battle and struggle against evil, even till our last breath, our soul will be in a constant struggle against our body. The devil cant stand seeing God's children good, so he has to distract us by any means. Being a slave to any sin, is being a slave to the devil, and we are children of God, so we should be servants and slaves of Christ.

    Christ paid a lot for us, He paid His blood, if He loved us this much, we also ought to love Him the same. If we love someone we should not upset them, so we have to try our best to fight against sin, and we are not alone, He promised to be with us always "I will never leave you or forsake you" Hebrews 13:5, "and lo I am with you always even to the end of the age" Matthew 28:20, so if we try our best, with God's help, with many prayers, and tears of repentance, with confession, communion....etc, God will for sure help us, because we have no helper in our hardships and tribulations but Him.

    Love, hope, and faith remember those 3,keep God's love always in your heart, have faith and trust in Him, trust that He will help you overcome the devil, and never lose hope, because the righteous man falls 7 times but rises up again, "when i fall i will arise" Micah 7:8

    Just put Christ's image always infront of your eyes, always remember Him, and how much He loves you, and remember that He loves us all no matter how bad we are.

    May God give help you in your struggle and be with you forever
    remember me in your prayers
  • hello

    actually maybe itll be better if i tell you the sin becayse taht might help with the advice the sin is Masturbation i can not stop i need some sort of spiritual excercise or something to help me stop my FOC like i said before doesnt help at all i need some advice

  • this is one of those things where u have to fight it, like i said in another forum, to keep contorl yourself, anytime u think of doing anything like that, do somethign that will keep your mind off it liek call someone or read the bible or just do something that will stop you from temptation, dont worry, im sure ur not the only one this website.
  • just wonderin how old are u iloveChrist
  • hey
    wel u were sayin bout this sin that u cant stop doin it
    have u tried so hard like uve pushed ur limits? like to the extent were its helped a bit? im jus sayin that nothing is ever difficult with the help an guidance of god. like have u talked 2 ur father of confession an sought his advice. i know thats so hard cus the situation aint easy but he is a human speaking words of wisdom from god himself.
    see what he thinks
    wel hope ive helped
  • hope i made sense ???
  • I knew from the beginning what the sin was before you stating it... and that is because you are a guy... MANY guys do the same thing... my advice to you is don’t go on the computer a lot, and if you go stay on this site or other Christian belief ones, and limit your time on the computer... stay for 15 mins only... or even less. and when trying to stop... its hard by the way... don’t think you will do it over night... fill up you schedule, go to church, pray... be an active person... whenever you get the urge to do it, PRAY.... didn’t pray, right after you commit what you did go pray... you will then notice the number decreasing... by the grace of God... don’t be discouraged if you fall... if you fall and stay down you are a wimp, if you fall and get up right away and finish the fight you are a man. So be a man and fight… don be discouraged if you fall once or twice… or even million, because even though you are committing the sin, God will reward you for your strive. Also don’t forget to confess it.

    May God help you… pray for me.
  • Hey!
    see the problem... that we can start feeling like God is far....very far....see, He's always described as the almighty creator who rules all and that's the way I always saw God....a being that had no connection to me personally...but just cuz I didn't see God, doesn't mean He's not what I started doing was playing pertend...that's started off as pertending that someone i knew and really respected was there...with me...ALL the time...This helped to make me a little hesitant to commit the sin..and as time went on this hesitant-ness turned into full out not giving in! Now instead of imagining that a person is there..I imagine that God is there. At first I had to use the image of a physical person i knew, this was like a baby step for imagining that God is there....and once you realize that God is watching you....and not just realize, but truly stop! you stop becuase you realize how stupid the sin realize how much one little thing can hurt someone who so willingly gave thier life for realize that all you have to do is stop!
    That's it.
    Don't get caught up in how it have to realize the truth of that specific sin.....and the truth is that it hurts you.....the truth is that it clouds your mind and makes your thoughts dark....
    and don't yu dare tell yourself that you can't stop...becuase YOU CAN! (with God's help)

    basically don't try to make things difficult...don't complicate is just a sin....what is a sin compared to the mercy and love that God has for you!? Trust in the Lord and do what you the end that is all that can be said....
    God Bless
  • very nicely said sixstringsoul

    i see you're new here.... welcome!... what a great first post! :D

    as sixstringsoul very well said, imagine that God is there at all times watching you (which He is)....then you'll be more motivated not to sin...

    a good example my priest gave us was the example of Joseph and Potifar's wife (cant spell Potifar lol sorry)... the wife kept trying to seduce Joseph and get him to sin- eventually Joseph said plainly (im not quoting this exactly, but it goes somthing like that) "how can I sin when God is right there watching me"....

    basically- put God infornt of you at all times.... as long as u TRY to stop, and you struggle to overcome, God will intervene and be your Strength... and help you out...

    as st. James said "Draw near to God and He will draw near to you"....

    best of luck... and the most important thing to do is pray about it.
    prayer is the strongest weapon we have against sin- we're just not using it to our full advantage....
    prayer has moved mountains and removed evil spirits, it can certainly aid you with your struggle...

    pray for me... i too am struggling with sin... its a pain... lol

    sorry for the long, repetative post... jus my 0.5 cents...

    take care and God bless
  • Hey guys may god bless you all i really learned alot from what you guys said ....
    And here is another idea it's a very simple one and i used it myself (and that means it's very easy to folow)
    First let me ask you this if you have a cup that has nothing in it that means it's full of air right?
    so how can we take all the air out ?????? i see you might think that we can start a small fire in it but guess what? that will only take out the oxigen which is the good part and that's only 21%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    So here is how you do it.. fill it up with WATER and now that the cup is full of water then there is no way it can have any air in it...
    So let's say that the cup is ur heart ,and the air is the bad habit (sin ) and the water is the a fruite of the spirit (a good habit ) so this how you can do it ...
    Hey if u smoke don't try to quite just start going to the gym alot and tell me how can ur heart handel both of them ???? you will be surprise of the result and so did i
    love you all
  • really gr8 response
  • hey ilovechrist,
    all i can say is try your best- as hard as u can. an leave the rest up 2 god
  • hello again
    i was doing good for a while but now its back i feel so bad and the problem is its becoming such a normal thing that im not feeling as bad i had a pic of jesus above my monitor and i feel bad doing it in front of that but today i really neeed to do it so i took it down i dont know what to do anymore i keep asking god but hes not helping me

  • hey samaan

    Guys you all give him great advice I loved them all.

    look samaan its not easy to just stop you going to keep on doing it every day if you don't figure out a way to stop it. if its caused because you come on the computer (Internet) and you see some pic's or something that make you do what you doing then don't come on line at all and see how long is going to take for you to do it again. I hope you know what I mean. like one of the guys said limit you self to the Internet and try to be out of the house as much as you can if you parent will let you. go over you friends house hang out, watch a movie with ur bother or sister JUST DONT LET YOUR SELF BE IN A ROOM BY YOUR SELF FOR WILE UNTIL YOU CHANGED A LITTLE OR TALK CONTROL A LITTLE. look I am not going to say its easy its not trust me just do the best you can. I'll pray for you and you do the same for me.
  • heres a thread from which addresses this issue, and lots of good advice was given:

    also, even though these are not Coptic websites, they are Christian websites, and can be very helpful as well:

    and i also attached an article on pornography.

    please take the time to read the advice on the coptichymns thread, the attached article, and to take a look and see if the websites can help you.
  • sorry, but apparently I can't attach the file because its too large, so if anyone would like the article please PM me and i'll be happy to send it to you via email.
  • Hey Ilovechrist
    First, it is very grave from you to confess about your sin because many guys are afraid to talk about it.
    But I think you are doing that sin (as most guys do) because you can't find the true love, you fell like no body is careing about you so you are trying to find that love by imagining yourself with somebody loves and pleases u, but unfortunatly this feeling of love will last in a few minutes and then you will have to do it over and over in order to get that feeling.
    you could overcome this problem of cours first by praying from your heart to god to help u in the temptation time. second, try to be more sociable with people espicially with girls ;) ,I am not to them as they are your sisters and close friends to you, then you will fell that you are not alone, and somebody is asking about you :-* from this point, you will fell that you are admired and loved but somebody, and you don't need that imagination that you imagin since somebody is there for you in the true life. AS i said the problem mainly about felling not to be loved or admired by the surrounding people espicislly the opposit sex.
    I hope i could helped a little bit
    god bless
    waiting to your reply
    i am pretty sure u arent the only one on this site that does the same thing. this is one thing that u have to control and not think about it. usually the urge kicks in when ur mind isnt occupied with something right? this is why during the day u need to continuilly occupy your mind with something or do something that will cause u to not think of it. read the bible, pray, so homework, watch tv, go on this site etc etc. just do whatever u need to do in order to free your mind. the one thing that can take your time up is just play games or something. listen to hymns is also another good idea. call a friend, DO SOMETHING. ;D
  • WWJD86 try talking to ur FOC.. as for his advice and help.. also think about what causes u to do it.. avoide that thing if its possible.. keep urself busy so u dont commit that sin.. be strickt with urself! DONT LET URSELF DO IT! i duno what the sin is but like dat if its like swearing.. try to replace the words with others.. like our Tasoni once told us, instead of swearing yell out the word "keddess" (saint) replace it... try thinking of ways.. their is a way not to commit sin over and over again.. and yes u should always ask for God's help.. cuz u cant do it with out him..

  • opps i mean ILOVECHRIST.. haha
  • he stated the sin in page 1 if u look at it cap ;D

  • IloveChrist,

    what are you doing to try and stop? have you changed your ways and your activities? if you didnt change much in your lifestyle then nothing is really going to happen.

    first off you have to know that you have POWER through CHRIST over this sin.
    the devil is NOT and NEVER WILL BE stronger than you are, because you have the ultimate Power, Christ Himself.
    you can overcome this through the Cross.

    i think right now its a very psychological problem (don't take this the wrong way, hear me out)... you know the whole concept of Mind over Matter?

    our brain is the most complicated and least understood organ in our bodies- it can do things we can't think of.

    you first have to convice yourself mentally that you can stop this sin through Him. if you just want to stop from your heart, not your mind, it might not be as successful.
    your mind has to be convinced that you are able to stop this, that this sin is Not beyond your control.

    this is a true story - 2 ppl went to a doctor for a check up - one had cancer (God forbid it happen to anyone here), the other didn't. when they came to get their test results, the results were accidentally switched, telling the cancer patient that he was ok and telling the healthy patient he had cancer.
    3 months later they came back for a check up- the orginal cancer patient was healthy and the orginal healthy patient now had caner. this was all because they THOUGHT they were healthy/sick.
    their mind was conviced with what the doctors results stated, and their body acted accordingly. its a true story!

    the point of it is, your brian/mind is very powerful, use it to your advantage. convince yourself that you can stop this sin and you will. make sure you know you have the Power in Him to stop it and you will be able to stop it.

    rest assured you can't do it without avoiding tv/internet, without keeping yourself busy, without prayer, etc, but you have to be convinced first that its possible to stop, it all starts with you.

    talk to your FOC who can give you a spiritual excersise....

    go for a jog outside if you feel that you need to commit this sin. go sit with a family memeber so that you're not alone... read the bible... do somthing.

    good luck, ill pray for you and you pray for me because i too am struggling with sin in general.

    take care and God bless
  • ILoveChrist,
    well after all whats been said im not sure what else to add,

    If you love Christ, as your screenname states, then you have to fill your heart with Christ completely, we cannot worship 2 lords, God and our desires. If we love Him then nothing else in the world matters. You have to give your life to Him and tell Him that you surrender all things, for the sake of being with Him, let Him be in your life and control it. If you have Jesus in your heart, there will be no need to look to the left or to the right, you will be focused only on walking in the path that will lead you to Him

    Jesus loves you so much and even though we hurt Him a lot yet after all this, He still loves us. You have to have hope and faith, that through Him all things are possible, and that He gave us the authority to overcome the devil, but its not just going to happen just like that....., you have to leave everything that separates you from Jesus, its not worth losing Him, if we were to get a 2-sided scale, and have Jesus on one side and our desires on the other, which is more important, whom do you love more, you cant love both??

    We cant ask God to help us if we arent really doing any effort, we have to pray with tears of repentance, pray a lot so that God may strenghthen us, confess our sins, and really try to change from all our heart.

    May God strenghten you and help you in your struggle
    pray 4 me
  • [glow=red,2,300]In the Name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. The One True God. Amen. [/glow]

    My dear brother iloveChrist,

    I must first applaud you for having the courage to seek help and admit your problem :). It takes alot of courage to admit this and also pain for you to share this online. I also thank this very Christian web community that is so supportive and understanding.

    You shared that you are 16yrs old. This is a time when boys AND girls are in the middle of intense sexual feelings that can really feel overwhelming at times and depending on how the topic of sex has been handled (or not been handled) in the home can really determine if the teen is going to cope with their bodies. Often times sex is a forbidden topic in our homes and we tend to hear selectively the negative sides of sexuality. Then we become dazzled at times with what the secular world projects with its anti-Christian values thru the media, education, music,movies,etc, telling us that sex is a natural need of the body and very enjoyable as well.

    Let me please share that sex is a beautiful gift from God given to us to be enjoyed in a loving and caring relationship called Marriage. Sex is procreative. In other words, it makes babies (generally speaking :) ) and this is why many people use contraceptives.

    . Our bodies are beautifully made by God and, as Christians, are called to "...[glow=red,2,300]present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable to God... (Rom12:1)". [/glow] You and I are called to offer ourselves to God. Many of the brethren here gave excellent advice on how to do this. Consider it.

    Many people due not knowing for themselves what the Holy Orthodox Church teaches about sexuality walk around with mistaken ideas about it and set themselves up to drown in shamet and feel alienated,embarrassed to share with anyone, especially a confession father about this. Read the links the brethren posted here concerning Church teaching about this and have some one you connect with from the Church explain it to you. You deserve to be informed in the Love of Christ and not set yourself up to be alone with your fears and shame.

    Many people use the excuse of relieving stress thru masturbation. This is very dangerous. We as human beings operate thru what is called the Pian/Pleasure Principle. Which means if it hurts, we stop it. If it feels good, we continue doing it. So if a person continues masturbating to release stress, eventually they MAY start doing when they are NOT stressed. This can lead into more fantasy or pornography. Thus what started as a stress reliever turns slowly into an addiction. Many of the Holy Fathers speak about this. The addiction is called by the Fathers a Passion.

    I will end by saying there is help (finally i get to the point... :P). Besides the powereful graces given by the Lord Jesus Christ thru the Holy Sacraments (Esp. Confession and the Holy Eucharist) there is also stuff online that i suggest. Even if you are a teen this can help you immensely. The first thing is a book you can get in Barnes and Noble or any big Book store or by Father Meletios Webber on the 12 Steps. It is based on the !2 Steps of Alcoholic Anonymous but its extremely useful for people having trouble with other spiritual problems. The other thing (is and you may not fit under this category but it may help you) can look for online for 12 Step group meetings where you can meet people who may have similiar probles as yourself but may help you stop. They are very successful and it is at NO cost to you. In other words, it's[glow=red,2,300] FREE [/glow]! I will send the info thru this site. Please check your messages. Hope this helps. God bless oyu. ;D.
  • ilovechrist,
    i think this is all the advice your gonna get. there is alot of good advice here, just control yourself and stop.

  • Hey ilovechrist,

    So many people have given great advice, all I wanted to say is stick with it. Don't expect drastic immediate results. Very rarely do we overcome a sin through one day, one week or one month of prayer, especially sexual sins that tend to be very addictive and very difficult to overcome. If we always got quick fixes how would our struggle teach us patience, love and bring us closer to God? If you fail, pick yourself up again. There is nothing wrong with feeling shameful of falling or shameful of a sin, most of the time that is our spirit telling us what we're doing is bad. The point is not to let that shame discourage us. All sins, great and small, require effort, time and prayer. Stick with it and eventually the Lord will redeem you. Here are two verses that I really like and help me out when I have troubles with sinning.

    "No temptation has seized you except what is common to man. And God is faithful; he will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear. But when you are tempted, he will also provide a way out so that you can stand up under it." 1 Corinthians 10:13

    Many people suffer with this same sin, and many turn a blind eye. You should be commended for realizing your sin and struggling against it. The Lord never tempts us with anything we cannot bare and he will help us beat it. It is in the Bible and it is a PROMISE he made to us. God always keeps his promises.

    "Because he himself suffered when he was tempted, he is able to help those who are being tempted." Hebrews 2:18

    The Lord himself was tempted and suffered, thus, he can help us in our temptations and our suffering. He knows what we are going through.

    Rabina Maak ilovechrist, give it time, prayer, confession and communion and through God you will triumph over satan. God bless.
  • u know what samaan,

    the devil plays tough, play tough back.

    in oder to stop sinning, u have to hate the sin. u cant expect results if somewhere in u, u feel pleasure or want . u have to see the temptation as what it is. the sheton himself standing behind u. u need to hate him, u need to want to hate the sin. Push urself to say "shaton go to ****(your home)" or as anba david says "sho sho".

    u need to feel shame and disgust in the sin as though it were a rotten pile of poop thats stealing ur treasure in heaven.

    try a pic of pope kyrillos. nobody can look into his eyes and not feel utmost shame and humiliation in stealing a lolipop.

    second, get rid of ur comp, i dont care, its better to fail a term paper and be miserable than to sin, brake it if u have to!!!!! save urself from the firey pit.

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