Pictures of Abouna Abdel Messih El Manahri

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Hello everyone,

I was wondering if anyone has a real photograph of Abouna Abdel Messih El Manahri other than the one attached below.

Also, did anyone visit His church in Egypt and possibly took pictures of that church or of His little cell "3esha" in which He stayed for some time??

I would really appreciate any information you can give me about that.

Thank you! God bless!!


  • Sorry, for some reason I couldn't attach it directly from my computer, so I attached it from a website.

    The second pictue I am not sure if it is a real photograph, it doesn't seem like one. If anyone knows..please correct me.


  • hello all,
    this may be a dumb question but i have some nice one sof abouna abd el messih el masooody if they are the same person

  • No, they are different persons.
    In fact, I think Abouna Abdel Massih El Massoudi was the spiritual father of Abouna Abdel Messih El Manahri while He was at the monastery.

  • hay RG
    u r soo lucky i want to visit thats stuff umm i dont have any other pix than wat u put i think the 2nd 1 is im not sure sorry

    GB ALL
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