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Hi All!

I am trying to bring new and exciting topics to our youth meeting and I need your help! Our attendance has been, well, lacking, and so I am trying to get our group to be stronger than what it currently is. If any of you have attended youth meetings at your church or other churches where there were topics of particular interest that have stood out in your mind, please respond back and let me know. I would love to hear from you!


  • hay praisethelord ;) :D ;D
    i attend a youth meeting every week topics that i reely reely enjoyedwere bout angels i loved that also self image and so on what is better general discussion nd activitys rather than Bible readings coz dats wat sunday skools 4 i dunno wat age group u r but yer get every1 to rite down a topic they want nd get the speakers to talk bout that thats wat we did :)
    i hope i helped nefin else ask me agen

    GBU :) ;) :D ;D keep up tha good werk also do a roster witht the topic and speeker also sport activities or a BBQ after or b4 watever so they can cum rabena ma3ak/ma3aki :) ;) :D ;D also pray God send ppl

  • Hi,
    Ideas that might help:
    1. try bringing food before the meeting, have a social half hour to create intrest between the members
    2. have a suggestion box
    3. Try a series like "encountering God" or disscuss a book over few weeks
    4. have different speakers
    5. Always hold the meeting at the same time and place, that way people who don't often come will know that on any week, the meeting will be held so they will come
    6. Get the perist to annouce the meeting time and place every sunday among the church anouncement
    7. have a weekend activity, going somewhere as a group. Have that also announced
    8. Always mention the meeting in your prayers and God will give you guidance.
    Hope this helped.
  • Thank you both for responding. I like the food idea. Right now we are doing it after the meetings, God willing. The problem I feel like is that we don't have input from the youth and therefore don't really know what to talk about. Last week, our meeting was on St. Augustine which was good but because I teach Sunday School, I already knew about it. I was hoping we could, as a group, come up with some type of interesting be used in my church and in other churches--hopefully something possibly debateable and definitely of interest.
  • hey bluebone thats very nice ideas u gave him i will use them to our church too, we r having almost the same problems but its more as YOUTH ACTIVITIES b/c majority of us r guys ..... if u have any ideas please share them . ;D
  • What we do at our church is every Friday, we have hymn class from 6-7 (not part of the meeting) and from 7-7:30 we have "heavenly chips". After that we say a couple songs and then have the meeting till like 8:30 or 9:00, then we pray the 12th hour of the agpeya. And one topic tat we had recently that i really liked was about death, it was really good.
  • hay is praisethelord still on coz i wanna no how he/she went?

  • that never werx tried it hundred times always fails lol

    GB ALL
  • shes tellin the truth- we go to the same church :D
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  • try camps- there awsome i luvvvvv church camps
  • lol dont we all
    and dont we get so many so overfloded wit em ::) ::) o man i wish

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