• I love Pope Kyrollis sooo muchhhhhhhh :D he's the sweetest and kind person ......and u can feel him around u whenever u call his name :)

    and i had a qs do u guys know saints symbolize actions or things .. like pope kyriloos with school and St.George or Abuo Sifin are fast .. do you guys know what other saints may symbolize? i hope u guys know what i mean ;D
    and if u know please share it with us all :)
  • Yea I heard about that. I think that's really cool!! If anyone knows anymore please post them!!!
  • Hey you guys :)

    My favorite saint is Abouna Bishoy Kamel. :-*
    I’m not sure if you guys know him or not, but he is very famous in Alexandria. To those who don’t know him, he was the priest of St. George church in Sporting, Alex. He was a very humble and kind. He gave all his time and money to God’s children. He started a lot of churches in Alexandria as well as here in the United States. I believe that he was the first priest to come serve the Coptic congregation in Los Angeles. He suffered for a few years from cancer, and finally departed in March 21, 1979. There is a lot more to his life, and different stories and miracles. I’m sure a lot of you heard about him, but if you haven’t you can visit his churches website http://www.stgeorge-sporting.org/
    this is a great website, check if even if you're familiar with abouna bishoy's story. ;)

    May his blessings be with all of us.
    :-*Take care :-*

  • [quote author=FULLY RELY ON GOD link=board=1;threadid=897;start=0#msg15968 date=1103715326]
    ;D i really lyk Pope Kryllos lotz especially his stories and his boox but i really really lyk saint anthony because he is the father of all monks and im interested in monastisim yer umm saint mark coz he started coptic orthodox and that is the best kind of religion umm saint mary of coarse becoz thats the mother of God o yer and saint paul i dont no y but i really do saint abraam coz he is ma patron saint and also if i loose things the onli name i look for bsides God is saint Wannas but i still love all the other 1ns ;D :D ;D :D

    hay guys ;D :D ;) :)
    i missed 1 i luv all of them sooooooo much but the 1ns that really inspired me that i 4got to mention is abouna Mikhail Ibrahim just his stories are very touching he was a very humble man
    i luv them allllllll

    GBU PPLZ :) ;) :D ;D :-* i LUV USE ALWAYS
    Plz pray 4 me

    +now may the Lord of peace himself give you peace always in every way :) ;) :D ;D+

  • Hey guys,

    My fave saint is also pope Kyrollis. i love him sooooo much. i mean when i read his life story i was very touched. He was an Amazing and loving person!
  • hey mary k!
    in response to ur question/point....
    st. wanis is known for finding things! so if you ever loose or misplace somthing, st. wanis is the one to call! i heard he's great with that stuff.

    as well, i heard st. marina the martyr is really good with child birth. she helps give the mothers-to-be an easy delivery!

    im sure there are more out there! people, keep sharing!

    may the prayers of all the saints be with us always :)

    take care and God bless
  • OMG thank you soo much for sharing that! :D I always wanted to know what Saint Marina was associated with since I was named afta her. Oh shoot I'm a junior member... sry that took a while! I'm kinda hyper right now don't mind me. Seriously though thanks a lot for sharing that you made my day!! ;D
  • Funny that my 3 fav saints be the 3 most popular ones here..
    First and honourably our Virgin Mother St Mary..
    St George, and Pope Kyrollos of course as well..

    Wow..dats gr8 to hear you guys.. May their intercessions be with us all. Amen!

  • St. Bishoy my patron saint ;D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • [quote author=socoolbishoy link=board=1;threadid=897;start=15#msg20054 date=1107742725]
    [quote author=thebrain link=board=1;threadid=897;start=15#msg20030 date=1107724877]
    my favorite saint is st.moses the black becuase his story showed how ou can change no matter hw bad you are

    LOL... and he was black right?... lol.. sorry I had to get that out...lol

    bishoooooyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy............ ;D
  • My favorite saints are Pope Kyrillos VI and Abouna Abd El Masseih al Makari
  • My favorite saint is Saint Abanoub el neheesy because he was a young boy when he was martyred. Also Saint Mary because she is the mother of our Lord Jesus Christ. :)
  • Thanx crazycopts for sharing that and i wanted to ask u if u have any website about st.wanis i would love to know about him or anyone can .... thanx :)
  • Ay Ron u are just like me my fav. saints are pope kirillos the 6th and abouna abd el masseh i love them because they are very humble saints really spiritual with amazing virtues

    ay hase any one herd of abouna mankarious in the church of st.mary and st. demiana in etobicoke? he has met those two saints

    abouna mankariuos is a hegomen and has served goe as a priest for 60 years in a row
  • I LOVE ST.MARY!!!! i really feel like she's my mother and i feel like she is around.. its amazing!!!

  • [quote author=Hos Erof link=board=1;threadid=897;start=0#msg15972 date=1103733743]

    St. Filopatir Mercurius

    Same, he is tha man and has helbed alot!
  • [quote author=GYPO link=board=1;threadid=897;start=45#msg21463 date=1109767972]
    [quote author=Hos Erof link=board=1;threadid=897;start=0#msg15972 date=1103733743]

    St. Filopatir Mercurius

    Same, he is tha man and has helbed alot!

    Whenever I watch his movie, or any saint's movie for that case, I get goosebumps all over my arms.

  • ok u want me to tell a nice story bout Abou Sefein... ;)

    ok, therre ws this building next to our church, and a couple of years ago we were granted permission to use it for church services...nywyz, it was empty the first couple of days of course when suddenly during the night a group of junks came in to use it as their home :-\
    So Abouna asked everybody to fast and pray 3 days so that this would be solved peacefully. Now abou sefein is one of our greatest shafee3, so abouna and a lot of other people asked him to help.....after the three days we found all the junks running away from the building screaming and with their hands in the air :o lol.
    So to honor this great saint we took one of the rooms in the building and made it into a church, named after Abou Sefein.
  • That is creepy and awesome at the same time, if that makes any sense. lol

  • Well when it comes to saints i love them all but my favorite (beside st george ) is filopatir marcorios .
    i wasn't named after him but he did alot to me and let me tell u guys when i was looking for a name for my business i didn't find better than filopatir enterprise he is like an apartener in my business whenever i have a problem i ask for his help and he is there for me and for my business and i can almost heare his voice in my ears hey i'm ur apartener ,right?
    may his prayers be with all of us ......amen
    do i heare amen?
  • AMEN!! lol

  • same sleepy i always get goosbumps :)

    AMEN lol

    yer st George i was with ma frends nd 1 of them came bac round a month ago from egypt nd im dying to go for the monastrys but its Gods will neways me nd ma sistas (frendz) told her to pray 4 us at the monastries yer nd she told me a couple of weeks ago that wen she was praying 4 me in front of St George and Anba abraam nd onli my name every tym swhe would get a feeling that st George told her he wood never leeve me and woold always b there 4 me every time i asked and i was actually in this situation that i cood have died nd i called out for him and he helped me but i dont care coz in those situations its Gods will coz i surendered ma lyf to Him but yer he is with me i LUV U ST GEORGE :) ;) :D ;D

    GBU ALL FROG :) ;) :D ;D
  • awww thats so nicee.... ;D ;D ;D ;D

    I kind of have 3 favorite saints lol.. St. Mary because of her purity and love. She was the Mother of God, and the Pride of our race... Shes like a mother to us all as C.A.P. had mentioned before...Amba Bishoy also because of his pure heart, I mean, He carried our Savior on his shoulder! And Jesus frequently appeared to him, his nickname was Habib el Masseih.. I think thats really awesome.. And last but not least, Saint Demiana because of her courage, stamina and endurance, and she was the first nun which really tells you a lot about her character.. I love them all, May their Blessings be with us all.
  • umm st shenouda is for wild animals

    i was walking t the bustop with my mum and there was a dog in front of us and we dont lyk dogs but im not scared of them but mum is anyway we called t shenouda as soon as i finished saying his name a 4 wheel drive came and scred it off
    may their intercessions b with us all amen

  • St. Filopatir Mercurius

    hey all whose dat exactly
    like ive heard of him but dont really know his full story
    can someone please tel me
  • thanx heaps
    god bless you
  • lol mazza that is abusefen dude lol

    yes i dont no if it was mentioned but Pope Kyrillos for your tests and exams he will cum and help straight away with st George WOHOO

    GB ALL
  • Wow, I just call on my patron saint for anything, not a specific one for certain things, but I do think it's funny. Each saint having their own "specialty" lol

  • i think it is rather COOL its like i loose sumthin anba wanis then xams plz help baba kyrillos or st George qickly help me, or st shenouda there is a dog help


    GB ALL
  • Alrighty guys....a quick note on St. Wanis. Martyerd at the age of 10. If you lose anything or are looking for anything...call on him.. he has a 3 minutes ir less response rate. lol...i'm not kidding. one of the fathers made a joke about him saying. He's small enough to fit between cracks and find what u lost. lol
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