• i dont know what to say to u guys, all ur words have bought such comfort to my heart. its amazing how u all changed my way of thinking, i now realise that their reward is much more than their suffering.u dont know the regret i feel for writing what i did and questioning the Lords will. its just the anger and hurt got control of me and thats something i should work on. thanku so much guys. and ur right they did only suffer for a while then gained a huge crown in heaven. Rabina ma3kom and pray for me R.I.P Sylvia and her family intercede on our behalf.
  • its okay.... read the first post... we do think many things in anger... and when in anger its the best time for the devil to trick us... so the best thing we both need to work on is our anger...
  • We encourage you all to leave a few words in remembrance of these members of our Coptic family.
  • I was reading more updates to the murder in the paper, and just thought to share them with you.


  • I just read that last article u sent...and all what I have been thinking about is should we really hate the msulims that way.
    I don't live in Jersey, but what I just read suggests that the two groups were close...where I live I barely know any muslims in here...which i know is very different, but I lived in Egypt for a long time, and I have seen muslims and christians together, I personally had a close muslim friend, she was the only muslim among 3 copts and we all went to a catholic school...well I don't want to hate that person because of her religion, she is a very nice person and a very good friend of mine.
    I know I am one of the ones who really got angry that the people who might did it are muslims...(big possiblity that they are)...but I just don't want to hate all the muslims people...because of an act of some who God knows what were they thinking...and they deserve all the punishments that they get....bc they killed an innocent family.
    Idk...if it happens the other way...God Forbid (a christian kills a muslim)...they are gonna be the same with us. I just don't like us hating each other kedda....the Armanious family wouldn't want us to do that...most importantly God wouldn't want us to do that.
    I know we are all in grief of what happened...but love still exists and so is prayers.
    RIP to the Armanious Family
    God have mercy on all of us...and find the killers
    God Bless,
  • ok first i wanna ask u guys something and dont say im stupid just keep it inside of u LoL
    what does RIP stand for
    i see alot of u typing it
    second i read the article sleepy and im stunned by the way muslims make themselves look like the angels
    i heared a turkish girl in my school who heard about the incident saying "why do they do that, that only makes us look like the bad guys" shes muslim by the way
    thank god i didnt reply or we would have had a holy war
    they r not as innocent as they say they r bec its written in their quran that they should kiill all non believers by slaying them

    im not accusing anyone about what happened, we dont know yet and i dont wanna judge but all im saying is that they r dangerous.
  • RIP = Rest In peace
    I didn't know it too...lol....just learned a few months ago :)
  • o thanx so much
    i was lost
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